Friday, December 31, 2010

Greetings from England

Happy New Years!! In a few short hours the new year will roll over hopefully bringing with it new excitements and adventures. I seem to remember writing a New Year's Resolution list last year and to be honest, I've been a bit scared to see the things I missed. This year I will NOT be making a New Year's list full of to-do's and what-not's. Nope, I will simply be happy, be healthy, and be in good company. I know I'll be starting off on the right foot, too, since I'm here with Pyro Man and his parents here in England!!

It's been a wonderful visit so far! We visited Windsor Palace, Ely Cathedral, saw Jersey Boys in London and we've got much more to do before we leave. There's still Billy Elliot on the list to see and a trip to Germany. The best part of it all has been the time spent visiting with Pyro Man and his parents.

Dear readers, I promise I did not lie to you about posting graduation pictures--I've been a bit busy. Lots of Christmas visits, last minute shopping, and gearing up for the trip. As soon as I get back I'll fire them up along with some England pictures as well! I know I'll have some wonderful stories to share including our latest, Lost Luggage: The Frustration Continues. Mine finally arrived, four days late, Pyro Man's is...somewhere. Not sure just yet, but we've been told "they're working on it." Hmm....I've even got a good 'fraidy-cat story for you involving heights (no arm flaps, I resisted) and the possibility of a friendly ghost (cue X-Files music). Just a few teasers for you.

And with that, I bid you goodnight! We've got a big day tomorrow! Cheers!

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