Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quick Trip

Finally Thursday, the best day of the week! Tomorrow I'm heading to Abilene to see Pyro Man and then he's taking me on another hunting adventure. Hold your hats, ladies and gentlemen, I'm taking another crack at it and I'm pretty excited.

Leaving for home next Wednesday for my absolute favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. It's a little bit different this year, far less of our usual crew and one new addition, Pyro Man. Well, two if you count Honey. There will be no traditional Thanksgiving dinnerware and no traditional thanksgiving cream cheese mints. Part of me is sad those delicious morsels won't be on the table, but the other half of me is glad I don't have to make them or have a stomach ache from eating too many.

I've been hustling my buns trying to get more edits done and get that thesis sucker complete. The big hurdle the last couple weeks has been Movement Maps. Basically I have to draw out each formation that dancers are in for each piece. I have to show the transitions and lines of movement as well. It takes a while to get them done, but I'm pretty shocked at how much I remember. It's like the show is engraved in my head.

I feel as though once the thesis is turned in to the printer I will finally be able to close this chapter. I'm definitely ready for the next step. I think. Anyway, 29 days until graduation and after that is a whirlwind of excitement!! Christmas, big trip, new years, and then moving! Whoo-hoo! Happy Thursday one and all! Enjoy your weekend and hopefully I'll have some hunting story to share when I get back!

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