Monday, November 8, 2010

Is it Christmas Already?

Every year after Halloween it seems that Christmas just starts popping up all over. Wal-Mart is already making space for their Christmas items. They've got some holiday themed products out like Winter Oreos, Peppermint Oreos, and Snowflake Ritz crackers. Dillards has their Christmas trees up and most every store is gearing up for the winter holidays.

To this I say, "What the hey?!" Every year it seems my favorite holiday is skipped over. There are never any turkey decorated stores and the only Thanksgiving themed items one can find is in the form of Libby's Pumpkin Puree cans that line the aisles of grocery stores. Really?

Honestly it should not be that surprising and recently I've been contemplating listening to Christmas tunes so that I may ensure I'm really sick of them by December the 25th. However, I've held my ground. I will not turn on the Christmas carols yet. I will not break out the Christmas movies or read a Christmas tale until the day after Thanksgiving. Although, I plan on decorating my apartment before I leave for Turkey Day break, but that's only so I'll be greeted with holiday cheer when I get back.

Aside from the decoration, there is something I've been mulling over and that is Christmas gifts. Y'all, we only have 47 shopping days left until Christmas! AH! That's a horrifying thought (Cough cough 39 until graduation cough cough)!! There's so much to be done!!


Eh. 47 days. That's PLENTY of time. I don't really have my knees in a knot about it, I'm just running out of topics to share these days. Dang, I've got to have an adventure here pretty soon. My life is way too quiet if all I have to write about is Wal-Mart's Christmas aisle. Good grief. Next I'll be writing about the dust bunnies under my couch. Until the next "thrilling" entry...

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