Monday, October 4, 2010

My Pink House

Glitter, glitter everywhere.

No, really. It's everywhere right now. The floor of my house is covered in pink glitter after an accidental glitter fest yesterday afternoon. See, we, my parents and I, were working on props yesterday in my little apartment. Props seem to be the theme for this thesis show. There is about 27 props in this thirty minute production.

I'll give you a moment to pick your jaw up off the floor.

It just grew into this monster and I'm not really sure how or why it did, but needless to say, in keeping with the theme of the show, my imagination ran away with me. There's a fine line between dreams and reality, too. It was SO easy for me to dream up these props and such a hard reality for me to actually make some of the props. Hence, why my parents are helping me because I'm not Wonder Woman and I as much as I hate to say it, I can't do it all.

In any case, for a particular piece, I decided I wanted the danced to have a comic book feel to it. Yes, I want to Velveeta cheesy feel of a Batman/Robin type performance on stage (A few more tweeks and we're almost there!). To increase in the cheesy comic book goodness, we added signs for the fight scenes like what you would see in the old hero shows. Signs that flash up on the screen reading "Wham" and "Ka-Powie" or "Zap" and "Bam". There's only three for one number, thank goodness.

At first, we were just going to add poster lights around these moster signs--they're huge, by the way. But the lights wouldn't have shown up under stage lights--too tiny and just didn't have the same intensity. Obviously or else the sign would burn up. SO, we decided that GLITTER would work to pick up the light.

Four things I've learned about glitter during this project.

1) It will never again enter my house and YES, I can say "never" because I darn well mean it. If ever have little girls, they will just be deprived of glitter for crafty projects.

2) It is the devil incarnate. Glitter spreads everywhere, you can't see it, and no matter how hard you sweep/vaccum/swiffer/dust, it won't come off the floor. I do believe that it reproduces, too, and at an alarming rate. You think you only brought in six bottles of glitter but when you're finished, there's about three times as much around your project.

3) That's the other thing, how does more of it end up off your project rather than on it?!? It's magnatized to the floor or something--glitter just innately goes AWAY from the glue and on to your hands, your face, your clothes, THE FLOOR. Very irritating.

4) While working with said glitter, a person has plenty of time to create new and interesting phrases to describe glitter, none of which would be appropriate to write on here. If you're looking for new phrases though, just pull out a bottle of sparkly stuff and see what your brain comes up with--amazing, really.

I swear to goodness, I sneezed last night and glitter shot out my nose. Not only is that description really gross, but no human should have sparkly snot. Found out Dad was not too pretty good with the arts and crafts thing. Apparently, he's not a fan of glitter either. I really hope when Mom reads this she doesn't cry--she felt pretty bad about the glitter. It got a bit out of hand...that's OK though. The next tenant in my apartment will fall all the more in love with it because of the glamourous floor.

After all the work yesterday, we ended up with good results. I have pretty, sparkly signs that will glimmer beautifully under the lights and now, so does my house.

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