Monday, October 11, 2010


It's here! Finally, the week I've been working towards is FINALLY here! It's going to be a long week gearing up for the final product to open this Friday, but SO worth the effort.

Blocking is tonight--that's where we go through each dance and make sure all the spacing is correct and no one will crash into each other and leave blood on the stage. Tech is (hopefully) being finished up on Tuesday. Thank goodness this time around I'm not up in the aprons like last year but in the audience observing. I got to see part of the lighting on Friday--YAHOO! It looks pretty amazing! I spent days repeatedly listening to my show, trying to picture the lighting for each one in my head, and then trying to figure out how to write it all down for my lighting designer and stage manager to understand. I had several meetings with professors asking them tons of questions about lighting and what they thought about this and how long should this fade up be and can we create specials that look like this and so forth. Once I saw the results on Friday, I knew that all that time was well spent for the amazing display of colors that danced across the stage.

Wednesday we move into the theater for a tech run. Gotta make sure that putting the dances, dancers, costumes, and tech all together creates the right picture. Thursday we have dress and Friday is the show! I'm amazed the time has past has quickly as it has. We had our final Saturday rehearsal this past week and it finally hit me. This production is almost complete. There's written work to be done after Friday, but the dancing portion is almost over.

There's no more choreography to be set, no more spacing issues to solve, no more props to dream up, and no more costumes to (re)design. Odd as it sounds, I got a little sad. I've learned a great deal in doing this show and I know I'll continue to grow as a choreographer and director with future productions. It's bitter sweet to watch all this fabulous work and know it will be over in just a few short days.

I'm going to miss the cast. They've been great and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect grouping of dancers. It's like the dance gods smiled on me and provided the perfect people to fit the parts I dreamt up. Just the other night I was telling a friend how neat it's been watching them grow as dancers, too. I met them literally the first day of school and have watched their technique and performance qualities improve after eight weeks of being in this program. To see them come so far in a short amount of time makes me want to stay longer and see where they will be when they graduate. Plus, they are all sweethearts and kept me in stitches most rehearsals. How lucky could one girl get? I do believe more than anything that working with them just pushed me even farther towards the desire to teach. If I didn't know before, I definitely know now that I want to continue to teach.

I'm going to miss my crew. I have the best management team ever created and that ain't no lie. My director's assistant was fantastic--the sweetest girl you've ever met with eyes like an eagle. She was always on the ball with everything and truly my right hand woman during this process. My costume mistress has been a joy to work with and worth her weight in gold. She had a knack to see a lot of things and help organize the millions of costume pieces I have and trust me, there is an incredible amount of pieces to keep up with. My stage manager, she's perfect. I'm willing to bet she could call this show in her sleep, she's practiced so much. She's been able to see what I see in my head (Props to you, Anna. That is a challenge in and of itself.) and helped me every step of the way during this tech process.

This week I'll be soaking up every minute of this experience. I'm all sorts of giddy for the big show, but I want to make every last part of this experience count because I know it'll be over all too soon. And then what will I write about in here? Probably lament about job search and auditions or share some new Julie flub. No worries, I'll keep you entertained.

Come out and see Imagine This! if you're in OKC this Friday!! It'll definitely be an experience!

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