Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Imagine This!

I can't believe it, but Imagine This! is officially over. Crazy.

We had a wonderful run of the show on Friday. I couldn't believe the wonderful support we received--so many people enjoyed the show! I had multiple young women explain how they remember being that girl that dreamed of her fairy tale love story during "Her Charming" and people commented on how they kept guessing what food would pop out next in "Lunch Time." In those coversations, I knew I reached my ultimate goal, which was to get the audience to remember what it was like to use their imagination and join in on a guessing game of what would happen next (No, really. It's all in my thesis. You can read it after it's edited and published.).

I couldn't be more proud of the cast and crew--big thank you's all around! And to my family and friends, thank you for the support! So glad I could share it all with you! Unfortunately, I do not have videos to post and I cannot upload videos of the performance. However, I do have a slideshow of the costumes (Thank you, Jessi the Costume Mistress) if you would like to take a gander. There are even a few bonus pictures from the opening towards the end. Over forty costumes were created for the show and at least twenty-seven props. It was massive to say the least.

Thank you to Mom for putting that together for Grandma--I'm so glad I have that to share! Happy Hump Day!

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