Sunday, October 3, 2010


I have this problem. Really I think anyone who uses this website does, but Facebook is a complete and total procrastination tool that I am 100% hooked on.

I joined at the beginning of my freshman year at OCU because it was brand new and OCU had just been added on the network. Remember, it started off as a college social network originally. Which reminds me, I really want to see the movie that's out right now, Social Network. 

The point is, from the beginning of college, I have always used this site as a way of escaping from homework. I get on my little apple computer, I start writing a paper, and somehow I end up on facebook scrolling through the pages of my fellow classmates and old friends. I find out what they're up to, how they're life is going, the latest dirt in the land of gossip, and so forth. Suddenly, an hour has passed.

How. Did. That. HAPPEN?! AH!

When I'm away from a computer for a weekend or even a few days, I don't miss it. There is nothing on there that ever truly changes my life in a gigantic way. I'm only there to find out the interesting things that's going on in the world of my friends. But that's just it, I'm drawn to the fascinating lives of my friends.

I love to look at handful of certain people's sites because they either a) have a fabulous life that I'm living vicariously through or b) have qualities about their facebook (i.e. their life) that I admire. It's hard saying that without having the the word "stalker" flashing through your mind, but let me see if I can explain without sounding too crazy.

Facebook to me is like the blogs I follow or magazines I read. Except I'm following people. That's what social networks have created, a way to keep in touch and follow the lives of others on an easy access basis.. I like to follow the fashionable people who always seem to have killer outfits--pink tights really isn't something you wear out on a friend night. Or they visit to-die-for restaurants and have weekend activities that look so fun, I want to try them, too! Or they decorate their apartment in the most creative ways. I just want to absorb their creative juices through the screen.

I like to follow people in the performance world. It's a great way for me to congratulate friends on new gigs, see where they're working, plus it gives me ideas about where I want to go. Facebook makes it so easy for me to message these friends and ask questions and see pictures of their grand adventures on cruise ships, Broadway tours, and current shows they're in. I love that! It inspires me to keep moving towards that performance dream, especially on days when I feel in question about it.

I like following friends who's lives are growing in a positive manner I hope mine will, too. Several friends have new exciting jobs, traveling the world, setting up their homes, are getting engaged, married, starting families, and so forth. As I finish up my degree, I feel like I'm standing on a cliff about to take a dive into adulthood and it's refreshing to see how well my friends are doing--gives me hope that I will, too. Oh, I know things will turn out fine and that my turn for all these wonderful changes will come. I only like to daydream about it all after I see concrete evidence that there is life outside of school.

I think I've justified my following fellow Facebook friends pretty well. So you see why I get so caught up in the Facebook searching. How could I possibly concentrate on writing yet another analysis of something or other when I could be scanning through the latest events in "Days of our Face(book)"? I get tangled up in the social web way too easily. I don't think professors will ever accept that excuse. *SIGH*

So now that I've done my scanning for the afternoon AND written a totally and completely random blog about it, I truly have used up my procrastination for the day. Hi-ho, it's back to work I go.


  1. Me too.

    To all of this. I'm stalking your page to see how the Thesis comes out!!

  2. Hahaha, that's fabulous! 11 more days until it opens! Very excited about it--just trying to survive until then :) I love reading your blog, by the way! You include a little bit of everything and I think it's fabulous!


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