Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Hab a Cold


Gross. Somehow between Saturday morning and Saturday night, I've caught a cold. either that or my allergies are just super ridiculous. To be perfectly fair to myself, I've had a sore throat since last week, but I've been in denial about it. Instead, I've been continually popping vitamin C pills like candy, hoping to build up some immunity. I also thought the power of positive thinking would save me.

"I will stay healthy! I WILL stay healthy! I WILL STAY HEALTHY!!!"

I was determined that the more intense I was in my positive thinking, the more my body would respond in kind. Clearly, that did not happen. *Cough cough sniffle cough*

Gross. I sound like I've got cotton shoved up inside my nasal cavity. I could get on a rant here about sick people going to class and never getting themselves to the doctor for the sake of EVERY HUMAN BEING they come in contact with so those innocent few won't be subjected to the sickly's mucus spreading germs...and here I am, trying to get through the day while sniffling and going through Kleenex like it's going out of style. So I won't pull out the soap box today. Instead I will be like those germ spreading people and go to class because I have no other choice but to shove on through the day.

Here's the thing though, I don't feel like death. I'm only annoyed at the fact that I have these sick nasty cold symptoms (could be allergies, too...maybe...).

The worst thing about this little cold is trying to dance. It ain't pretty having snot flying out your nose when you turn in jazz (No worries, it hasn't happened yet--it's just a fear.). In ballet I'm going to have wads of tissue stuffed in the waist band of my black warmies, too, and no one will want to stand at the barre with me. I live off soap, water, and antibacterial hand sanitizer right now.

I bet if you're reading this, you're going to want to close out this blog and disinfect your computer. Don't worry, I'd do it, too. I'd move away from myself if I could, but I am pretty well attached to this body.

I think a good brothy dinner will be in order tonight.

And hot tea.

Hot apple cinnamon herbal teas. With honey. And a cookie. Because that always solves problems. Including a cold. *ACHOO*

Hab a happy Monday!

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