Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Hello Readers!

I actually have no clue how many people read this or if anyone besides my mom does (that's only because I force her to by having it emailed to her automatically. I think the need for the attention comes from my being the youngest child. That's therapy session is for another day though.).

Anyway, I am trying to revamp my blog in it's appearance. What you think? I changed background, offered an RSS feed option (yes, I think I'm slow those), and added labels for each story. 78 stories later, I finally have it all organized.

I'm also trying to figure out how to up the number of readers, followers, etc. (I'm a slow learner so hang with me.). I'd love to know what you think will help me out here so post a comment, shoot me an email, facebook,whatever!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. hey, julie!

    one way to increase your readership (i'm a PR major, so bear with me) is to read and comment on other blogs that you like. most blog comment fields allow you to include a link to your blog, so try that! i also see that you use labels for your posts, but is there an option to "tag" them? that way, when people search on blogspot for certain topics (i.e. dance, thesis, etc.) they can come across your blog!

    i love it, so i hope this helps!

    sarah s.

  2. Thank you, Sarah! I'm going to take you up on that wondeful piece of advice!!


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