Friday, September 10, 2010

Creating the Magic

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."
Pablo Picasso

I love this quote. I think it hits the nail on the head. As children we expand our minds to dream up the impossible and as adults, we see too much into the technicalities of things. I like to read Picasso's thought because it reminds me to find that child-like belief again. It fits so well to my personal feelings on artistry, creativity and the imagination--in essence, it fits my thesis.

I can be a bit of a creative thinker from time to time. I enjoy exploring ideas and sometimes it's nice to color your thoughts with something more magical than beige visions. One of my best friends, she is truly a free spirit and a creative genius. She never wet blankets any idea and I admire her for that. I try to think like her from time to time in order to get my creative juices going a bit.

Speaking of creative juices, while working on this thesis production, I had to get really creative with some of the dances I was creating. Whether it was costuming or props, I had to figure out first what I saw within each piece then how I was going to make each vision happen. The dreaming up my show was super simple. Creat a pirate dance? No problem! It was the "how" of it all.

I am a lowly college student on a tight budget and I am certainly no miracle worker. So I had to figure out logistics in making things happen. My friends, I have complied together the essential list of 10 things that will help you create your magic on stage.

1) Make sure you've got an idea you can live with for several months.

2) Find a great costumer. They can help you turn scribbled designs into this:

Even make it different colors if you ask nicely:

3) Honey, blow up the props. When you think props, think big. They have to be seen from stage so why not go all out?

4) Speaking of props, you can improve props with simple tricks. To make my swords look more believable, I covered the foam with a specialty silver Duct tape and voila!

HUGE improvement!

5) Have loving parents that will do anything to help their baby girl including but not limited to modeling hats at Party City and letting you document it.

Thanks, Dad! There were more, but this was my favorite.

6) Have really artistically talented friends so they can help you paint designs and have it turn out great like this:

7) Get plenty of rest so you can dream soundly in color and recreate the amazing pictures in real life for your production!

8) If you're stumped for creative ideas, bake!

9) Then go back to your five year old self and have a cookie and a glass of milk.

10) Have a really good support system. Like great friends to laugh with...

Family to share with...

Boyfriends who let you be crazy and cry about kitties...

Kitties and Puppies to curl up with...

Well, these at least worked for me, they might for you! I'm going to go bake now--peanut butter cookies are calling me name!

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  1. Can you have a costume made in my size? I swear I would wear it to work! I can't WAIT to see your finished product!


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