Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Because this is blog an outlet for me...

Because I just need five minutes to write about something other than the show...

Because it's the fall season...

Just because, allow me to show you one of my favorite treats during the fall.

Behold, the Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kiss. The most amazing, tasty "kiss" there is (besides the Candy Cane Hershey Kiss, but those aren't out until Christmas time.).

Now if you'll excuse me, there's a "kiss" calling my name and if I've got write a paper, I better have something to get me through it.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Gettaway

Well, I didn't technically "get away" this weekend, but I did mentally for a bit. It was absolute heaven.

Pyro Man came in for a visit this weekend. I was pleasantly surprised to open the door and find him standing there holding the most beautiful roses!

Oh, he's such a sweetheart! I had a friend recently ask me "Why do we call him 'Pyro Man'?" Hmm, I forget that not everyone knows the story, but I'll give you the short and sweet version. My family has always had a tendency to nick-name people, especially when it comes to the boys Big Sister and I dated. Most of them were affectionate names like Schweet William. Some pertained to either where I saw the boy like Hot Gym Guy or Laundry Boy and then there were some that flat out marked how they look, Red Head Boy. Of course there are a few not so affectionate or nice names we'll leave off here.

Anyway, during Mary Kay last summer, I happened to notice there was a particularly cute pyrotechnician working that summer. Thus, the name "Pyro Man," was bestowed upon him. It's funny really because some of the girls who were in the show with me still refer to him as that!

So, it was a blissful weekend of getting to spend time with him. Six weeks is a long time to go without seeing your beau. I'm just saying. But I'll get to see him in a couple more when the show opens!

We ran around town on Saturday before seeing Light in the Piazza.

It was fabulous! I love seeing all the talent OCU has here on campus. Broadway quality performers I get to see for a song of a ticket price! Glorious!

Got to go have drinks at my favorite lounge, The Red Piano, with the MFA ladies. So much fun! The Red Piano a great piano bar with live jazz music and its located in the Skirvin Hotel downtown. Just beautiful! Great swanky lounge for a Saturday night! Now that I think of it, I'm kinda sad I didn't take pictures with my friends or Pyro Man. Dang.

Oh well. I did receive some exciting news! My friend and fellow MFA-er, Megan, got engaged! On Friday, she was celebrating her five year anniversary with her now fiancee, Tyler, when he surprised her by popping the question! Best wishes to you both!

Three more weeks until the show opens! We're officially finished with setting choreography--YAY! I have a second Look-see on Wednesday. This is where the committee sees it all from start to finish. I'm excited to see if up on it's feet as a whole production tonight when we start running it.

Mom is back in town for round two. We've got costumes and props busting out of the seams and so many little details to take care of--sometimes it's the little things that become the most work. That's OK though because I only have THREE MORE WEEKS left until the production goes up. I can do it. And I plan on rewarding myself with peanut butter and a shopping trip when it's over. Now that's something to work towards.

Happy Monday, everyone!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Week 5, Day 29 Captain's Log

We're four numbers down with two left to go. We had one heck of a busy schedule this past weekend. Rehearsal all day Saturday and part of Sunday AND we have another rehearsal tonight. Three days in a row of working with me--how'd these kids get so lucky?

This is the last week of rehearsals they'll have to learn material though. After that, we'll be cleaning and gearing up for the performance. Sometimes I can't believe that all this work is actually going to be put on stage. For me, it's great practice for future choreographic endeavors and teaching jobs. I forget sometimes that all this work will be on a stage with lights and costumes and a full audience.


After our long day Saturday, I came home and crashed on the pull-out sofa bed. I woke up in a dazed, drooling, and confused state when my parents came banging in from a shopping adventure. Apparently between the time I closed my eyes and the time I woke, I lost over an hour and gained a lovely waffle face imprint. Fabulous. I don't think it really registered how exhausted I was.

Then I had to think it through. Hmmm, stayed up the night before the prep for Saturday. I was up at 7:00 the next morning to review my work and in the studio before 9:00. Lunch at 12:30 and back in the studios by 1:00 until about 4:00. I still had a four minute piece to choreograph for the next day. It made me wonder how some of my professors and seasoned choreographers do it. No really, how do you do it?

Most of my time is spent prepping for every rehearsal. I take at least an hour to review the choreography of new pieces, sometimes two if I feel its really necessary (which is most often the case). That doesn't even include the time I've spent choreographing the work (which can take a while if you force Creativity's hand because Time does not allow you much leeway). AH!

This week was a little unorthodox anyway--my mother was living with me. Hi, Mom! I know you're reading this and know I love you dearly, but I think if I build you that mother-in-law suite like I promised you when I was eight years old, it will have to be a separate building completely.

No, really. I do love you. I think my apartment is a little too tiny for two women, eighty costumes, and a whole lot of stubbornness. We had quite a week--Mom learned that water glasses and coffee mugs go in separate places, the ice maker takes a while to refill, and I learned that she loves to leave me folded paper towels on my kitchen counters.

Its funny because I lived in her house for 18 plus years (still do on large stints of vacations) and I know where she keeps everything, how the house is set-up for her system, yadda yadda. The tables seem to have turned because she was living in my little house where I have my own system of running things (Weird as they may, they make sense to me). It's just a different and we both talked about how it was a little strange. Suddenly she was living in my place and I've built my own nest up here in OKC. The pangs of growing up.

Weekend trips are different from week long stays. Of course, there wasn't much time for fun so we were forced to discuss only the topic of the thesis--I'm starving for fresh new subjects to talk about in my life. Costumes have taken over my dinning room and living room. Mom has a whole sewing station set-up with a nest of supplies sitting next to her. It's all cleaned up for now until she comes back again next week. I've got a second look-see coming up that's to show off the entire show, including costumes. I think living together will probably be different this second go around.

I enjoyed making dinner for the two of us--something she always does for me when I'm home. It was nice to return the favor and I really liked having someone at the table with me. We did get our Chik-fil-a fix and I loved that she came to watch ballet class and some of rehearsal. Even though I've taken on the role of director/choreographer, inside I still have that nine year old self dying to show off for Mom and Dad.

Though it might have been an interesting week together, it was certainly a learning and growing experience for our mother daughter relationship. I think, as a daughter, we know mom's can take the hard knocks from us now and again. They have the shoulders we can cry on, the arms to hold us, and the strength to help us when our legs have gone out from under us.There's a different persona I take on completely for anyone else I am around because I can't truly be as relaxed with them as I can with Mom. It's Mom, she loves me no matter what and there's no fear that I'll be left by myself. Mom is always there. She's one tough cookie, but she isn't superwoman all the time. She needs just as many hugs and just as much help as I do. I am so appreciative for all she does for me and I couldn't include it all on here, but know it starts with giving birth to me and ends with this thesis. Those two things alone count for more than a lifetime worth of thanking!

So Mom, next time you come, know that the ice maker will be full, I'll buy you extra paper towels and chicken broth for your soup. I'll take you for a Sonic Coke when you need one and if you want to replace a bathroom rug, that's OK, too. I'll turn down the air conditioning without making a face and I'll brave the basement with you if you need a protector from the hairy spiders downstairs.  It's the least I can do for my little sweat-shop worker! I love you, Mom!

Friday, September 17, 2010

I Love The Crescent Moon

This week is Big/Little Week for my dear sorority, Gamma Phi Beta. It's been a special week for the girls, especially all the new members and the second years; the new members had a full week of surprises in store for them and the second years got the chance to be a gift giving fairy! The excitement is almost too much to handle!

Even though the house itself is a special place for a selected group of women, it can be overwhelming for a new member. There are so many names, rituals, events, and traditions that it can be very hard to to keep up with. Plus, in a house of 80 or more girls, you can still feel lost. That is why we have the Big/Little system.

There is a family system within the organization and it revolves around the theory of having Big and Little Sisters within the sisterhood. A first year member is given a "Big," or a big sister, which done through a special matching process. When the Bigs find out who their Littles are, or Little Sisters, there is a week of festivities that take place.

It's a big surprise for the Littles! Bigs will leave certain gifts with hints and clues for the Littles each night. The Little's spend every day of the week guessing, racking their brains trying to figure out who their Big is. It's so much fun! Bigs will have other people leave gifts, everyone in the house will work around campus teasing Littles by saying, "I know who your Big is!" It drives 'em nuts!

By Saturday, there will be a big reveal, matching sweatshirts given out, and many picture taking moments. What's so neat is that all these Littles will be inducted into their family and forever share the bond of all the girls in the line. I've had the pleasure of watching a couple more lines be added on to our family the last two years and it's really neat to personal know a history of 9 years worth of girls inducted into our house.

Hearing some of the freshman dancers gabbing about Big/Little Week this week, I thought back to when I was a Little. Well, I still am--just thinking about my experience. First of all, I love my Big and I was lucky to be a part of her family. Those ladies are fabulous and I truly love them all--they've been incredible friends for me and a great support system while I was learning the ropes at OCU (and that's the point of having a family within the Soroity).

I read into every clue my Big left me, including where products were made. I'll be the first to admit, I got a little carried away in the guessing game. One morning I walked out of my apartment, onto my balcony only to discover my Big had drawn me this:

One evening after a long rehearsal, I heard a knock on the bathroom door while I was showering. I was told by a voice through the door that in no uncertain terms I had to stay in the bathroom because my Big was leaving me a little present! When it was finally safe, I walked out only to find a find a fish bowl with a beautiful blue and purple fish happily swimming around.

I closed the door, then opened it again and the dang fish was still there! I'm not much a fan of fish, but I took care of little Indie (Indigo, Indie for short). Beta fish are pretty traditional gifts during Big/Little week. Get it? He's a beta fish and we're the Gamma Phi BETAS! Bahaha...ha. Well, I thought it was funny.

Finally, after a week of guessing games and teasers, we had our last day of fun. We find out who our Bigs are by doing this crazy scavenger-hunt, basically a wild goose chase. And yes, my Big thought it would super cute to give us these "precious" headbands to wear.

I didn't care though--I was so happy! I find out that same day that I had a twin!

We're "wombies" if only in sisterhood! There we are in our precious jackets that our Big got us. These jackets are actually how we find out who our Big is. It's a race to find out who your family is!

Go ahead, laugh it up--I'm a dainty runner. Wombs spotted her though! There she is, our Big!

Yup, Dori does love us like a good Big should!

Smothering us with her unconditional love! I miss her terribly. And we met our whole Family that same day!

The next year, roles were switched and I became a Big to my sweet, Little One!

She was super excited, can't you tell?

Our little family! My senior year I became a Grand Big to the sweetest girls I know!

We actually adopted a couple more girls, too! Even though I'm an alum now, I went last year to Big/Little Day for the fun of it all and met my precious GREAT Grand Littles. I recieved word last Sunday night who my Great Great Grand Littles are! My goodness, I'm getting old fast!

I had a lot of fun being in Gamma Phi. There are so many great women in that house and I absolutely love what the sorority stands for (Sorry, I can't share our sisterhood secrets, but this will help you learn a bit more!). I can't say enough how positive my experience was. I was VERY lucky. My best friends and I all ended up in the same house. Look how young that first year!

How incredibly lucky to spend three years with your best friends growing and sharing so much in the same house. I believe we grew up quite a bit in that time.

I still keep up with my Big (who's getting married next year!), I got really close with my Great Grand Big over the years, and my twin is still here--we'll graduate together this December.

I continually recieve the Crescent magazine in the mail and I get newsletters with updates about the organization. My big actually works for Gamma Phi Beta as a Collegiate Leader Consultant (CLC) for Gamma Phi Beta! She travels all over and has helped advise chapters, set-up new chapters, and met some of the best women in the country. I'm so proud of her!

Every time I see the letters on campus, I feel an instant connection with the girl wearing them. We share a secret link and I think it's amazing that I am actually tied to some many other girls around the US (and Canada). I'm proud to be a GPhiB and I want to send a big congratulations to all my sorority sisters!

Happy Big Little Week!

"All my life's a circle..."

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Hello Readers!

I actually have no clue how many people read this or if anyone besides my mom does (that's only because I force her to by having it emailed to her automatically. I think the need for the attention comes from my being the youngest child. That's therapy session is for another day though.).

Anyway, I am trying to revamp my blog in it's appearance. What you think? I changed background, offered an RSS feed option (yes, I think I'm slow those), and added labels for each story. 78 stories later, I finally have it all organized.

I'm also trying to figure out how to up the number of readers, followers, etc. (I'm a slow learner so hang with me.). I'd love to know what you think will help me out here so post a comment, shoot me an email, facebook,whatever!

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Hab a Cold


Gross. Somehow between Saturday morning and Saturday night, I've caught a cold. either that or my allergies are just super ridiculous. To be perfectly fair to myself, I've had a sore throat since last week, but I've been in denial about it. Instead, I've been continually popping vitamin C pills like candy, hoping to build up some immunity. I also thought the power of positive thinking would save me.

"I will stay healthy! I WILL stay healthy! I WILL STAY HEALTHY!!!"

I was determined that the more intense I was in my positive thinking, the more my body would respond in kind. Clearly, that did not happen. *Cough cough sniffle cough*

Gross. I sound like I've got cotton shoved up inside my nasal cavity. I could get on a rant here about sick people going to class and never getting themselves to the doctor for the sake of EVERY HUMAN BEING they come in contact with so those innocent few won't be subjected to the sickly's mucus spreading germs...and here I am, trying to get through the day while sniffling and going through Kleenex like it's going out of style. So I won't pull out the soap box today. Instead I will be like those germ spreading people and go to class because I have no other choice but to shove on through the day.

Here's the thing though, I don't feel like death. I'm only annoyed at the fact that I have these sick nasty cold symptoms (could be allergies, too...maybe...).

The worst thing about this little cold is trying to dance. It ain't pretty having snot flying out your nose when you turn in jazz (No worries, it hasn't happened yet--it's just a fear.). In ballet I'm going to have wads of tissue stuffed in the waist band of my black warmies, too, and no one will want to stand at the barre with me. I live off soap, water, and antibacterial hand sanitizer right now.

I bet if you're reading this, you're going to want to close out this blog and disinfect your computer. Don't worry, I'd do it, too. I'd move away from myself if I could, but I am pretty well attached to this body.

I think a good brothy dinner will be in order tonight.

And hot tea.

Hot apple cinnamon herbal teas. With honey. And a cookie. Because that always solves problems. Including a cold. *ACHOO*

Hab a happy Monday!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Creating the Magic

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."
Pablo Picasso

I love this quote. I think it hits the nail on the head. As children we expand our minds to dream up the impossible and as adults, we see too much into the technicalities of things. I like to read Picasso's thought because it reminds me to find that child-like belief again. It fits so well to my personal feelings on artistry, creativity and the imagination--in essence, it fits my thesis.

I can be a bit of a creative thinker from time to time. I enjoy exploring ideas and sometimes it's nice to color your thoughts with something more magical than beige visions. One of my best friends, she is truly a free spirit and a creative genius. She never wet blankets any idea and I admire her for that. I try to think like her from time to time in order to get my creative juices going a bit.

Speaking of creative juices, while working on this thesis production, I had to get really creative with some of the dances I was creating. Whether it was costuming or props, I had to figure out first what I saw within each piece then how I was going to make each vision happen. The dreaming up my show was super simple. Creat a pirate dance? No problem! It was the "how" of it all.

I am a lowly college student on a tight budget and I am certainly no miracle worker. So I had to figure out logistics in making things happen. My friends, I have complied together the essential list of 10 things that will help you create your magic on stage.

1) Make sure you've got an idea you can live with for several months.

2) Find a great costumer. They can help you turn scribbled designs into this:

Even make it different colors if you ask nicely:

3) Honey, blow up the props. When you think props, think big. They have to be seen from stage so why not go all out?

4) Speaking of props, you can improve props with simple tricks. To make my swords look more believable, I covered the foam with a specialty silver Duct tape and voila!

HUGE improvement!

5) Have loving parents that will do anything to help their baby girl including but not limited to modeling hats at Party City and letting you document it.

Thanks, Dad! There were more, but this was my favorite.

6) Have really artistically talented friends so they can help you paint designs and have it turn out great like this:

7) Get plenty of rest so you can dream soundly in color and recreate the amazing pictures in real life for your production!

8) If you're stumped for creative ideas, bake!

9) Then go back to your five year old self and have a cookie and a glass of milk.

10) Have a really good support system. Like great friends to laugh with...

Family to share with...

Boyfriends who let you be crazy and cry about kitties...

Kitties and Puppies to curl up with...

Well, these at least worked for me, they might for you! I'm going to go bake now--peanut butter cookies are calling me name!

Three Down, Five More to Go

Week three of school is (almost) complete and I have yet to really tell you, dear readers, what exactly is this monstrous project I am working on. Well, I will tell you because pretty much right now, the thesis is my life.

Little background here, started my masters a week after completing my bachelors--I don't know whether that makes me a masochist for going straight through with school or brilliant. Guess that answer really depends on what day you ask me. In any case, every class I have been taking has been preparing me for this final project, The Thesis.

Now, The Thesis is basically a research project that I turn into a production. Say I were to pick the topic of paper clips and I research why paper clips are great, how they work, and why we need 'em. After I write up a nice, detailed paper over all that, I must then create a production using all the information I have gathered. Sounds simple, no? Wrong-o, my friends. It is a very big challenge. There's quite a bit that goes into it.

I chose the topic of imagination. I wanted to tell people why it's important, why it is necessary to nurture in children, and how applicable it is to adults today. I really enjoyed reading about it and learning so much about the subject. I even did a little blog this summer about my findings because my mind was just FULL of information I needed to sort out.

Using all the research I gathered, I then had to create a mission statement for the production that is the overseeing vision for entire show. Whatever I did for the show had to go back to the mission statement since the mission is the reason for show. Then I created six original story driven dances that reflected what I had researched (By the by, I also had to research each of the subjects I chose for the pieces as well).

I included prop elements into the dance, turning simple objects into something more. For example, when a child plays with a ball, that ball can be anything. It can be food, a cannon ball, a giant dinosaur egg, whatever. I took that concept and built a show around turning a simple object into something more by using the imagination. Each dance had to tell the story of whatever my characters imagined. This were I got to be really creative!

I also had to get costumes, props, plan out the technical elements (lighting cues, etc.), plan an audition, execute the audition, find volunteers to help with the audition...what else? OH! Find people to audition, work through casting, handle rehearsals, plots, yadda yadda yadda.

I have quite a bit of help with this process, too. My advisor has been 100% pulling for me and that helps. I have student helpers holding major positions like Stage Manager, Director's Assistant, and Costume Mistress--these ladies will be my saving grace during the runs of the show. I have a talented and eager cast to work with. I've got friends and family pitching in to help whenever they can--I'm one very lucky girl.

It's a lot. It can be very stressful as well and though I may have been a little crazy this summer, I have felt very prepared during this process. Keep in mind, I still have five weeks to go before the show actually opens. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed and staying over prepared.

Tomorrow we have a long day of rehearsing before the first preview that the committee watches. There are check points within the choreographic process that they come in to see how the progress is going. It's very helpful as the director/choreographer to have an extra four pairs of eyes looking at my work before I put it on stage. After all, this is my very first show created, choreographed, and directed by moi. I feel giddy and nauseous all at the same time--what a wonderful feeling!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just Call Me "The Fonz"

For the next week (or two), just call me the Fonz.

Really. I did a horribly stupid thing while making dinner last night and as a result, I am now a thumb popping, bandaged idiot.

After finally answering the age old question, "what's for dinner," (Sweet and Sour Chicken, if you were wondering) I began making the necessary preparations for my delicious meal. So there I go, happily pulling out all my veggies, defrosting my chicken breasts, and pulling out all my ingredients. I grab my cutting board, my nice sharp cutting knife and my round, yellow onion (I think they have more flavor than white ones.). I slice off one circle because hey, I'm only making enough for two servings. I chop, chop, chop, mindlessly working with happy little worker's hands and then it happens.

Must have thought my meal would have tasted better with a little sprinkle of Julie a la thumbkin 'cause I chopped a little too close to my left thumb. *Insert hee-bee-jeeby shiver here* It's like watching your life in slow motion. You see the knife go down, you recognize that it should NOT be in your thumb, and bam. It hits you. You've just tried to sever your finger.

Brilliant. I live alone. I can't go running into the next room crying, "Help! Help! I've been sliced and diced!" No, ma'am. So when I see the nice, new crescent shape slash in my finger, I'm not going to lie to you, readers, my back teeth went soft.


I'm sure my neighbors LOVED hearing me squeal like a stuck pig. Gah. The blood. Ick.

You know, they always say you really don't recognize the pain until you recognize that something is wrong. Thus I REFUSED to gaze upon the damage for too long. Only long enough to see that I did not actually cut through my entire thumb. Thrusting the now tender appendage under cold water, I took deep breaths trying desperately to remember what the next steps I had to take.

1) Stop cutting finger. Check.

2) Scream in pain. Check.

3) Cry. Well, half-way there.

4) Clean and bandage wound.

A-HA!Something I had yet to do. OK, I say to myself, you can do this. Just find the band-aids and neosporin and you're good to go.

And indeed, I did get my thumb all bandaged up and after a quick call to Mom JUST to make sure I did not need stitches, I was fine. And thank you to Pyro Man for being so concerned as to suggest I super glue my thumb together. Still not too sure about that one...

To prove to myself that the knife is not as deadly as the person weilding it, I continued on with dinner and it was mighty good. Not even salty from the blood spillage. I kid! There was no blood spillage!

It's just a little tender and I'm quickly adapting to not using my left thumb. Instead I'm constantly in a state of "thumb's up." I look like The Fonz. Seriously.

EH! Good dinner!

EH! Good book!

See what I mean? It's a bit ridiculous.

One last tip though, the next morning when you remove the bandage, don't inspect it for too long or else you'll find yourself sitting on the side of the tub with your head between your legs trying not to a) throw up or b) pass out. Heaven help me if I ever have daring children.

Hey, it's already hump day! EH!

Happy Wednesday everybody!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Big Girl Dreams

I feel it coming on, the desire for something more and the upcoming promise for a brand new future.

As I'm working on my thesis, I decided since my graduation is mere months away that it would be wise to see what is out there in the job market. So I've been busy reconnecting with friends, picking their brains about jobs, auditions, shows, and whatnot. I've been searching online for internships and possible teaching internships just to see what's available. The mind reels as I find unlimited possibilities.

"Say wha...? There are jobs out there?!" Why yes, there are! Keep in mind I'm not narrowing my focus in any one direction. I'm looking ALL OVER. Cruise ship auditions, theaters in just about every entertainment city, internships for foundations and magazines, teaching positions at universities, art schools, and high schools. You name it, I'm looking into it. Who knows what will end up working out and what won't, but I am determined not to limit myself in the search. I think limiting the possibilities is defeating myself before I've even begin.

As I'm looking at all these places I'm reminded of plans I made in my heart my senior year of college. Some are still the same and some are not, I'm finding they morph with just about every major experience I have had in the last year and a half. I had thought about moving to Chicago at one time, wondered about the possibilities of moving to the East Coast for a change of pace and scenery. I considered taking a job in Vegas or actually accepting one of cruise ship contracts I was offered. All of these are still possibilities and yet, I've been making settling choices in my mind since starting grad school. I feel a bit pulled in two different directions as far as where I want to be and where I want to go. It kinda pulls on the heart a bit and I'm not liking that.

I've been seriously considering heading back to the Dallas area for a long time. It's a very safe choice right now. My family is there, I know the area and am familiar with it so I know what my job options are. I've been thinking about how nice it will be to find a home, setting up house, having Honey cat with me to keep me company and having a good steady job. I'd love to be close to friends where I meet up with my girlfriends for a girl's dinner and maybe actually see Pyro Man more than just once a month. Really, there is nothing wrong with these things--they still sound like a heavenly plan to me and I still deeply want all that...


I've been getting that itch. The little feeling that maybe, just maybe I might want to try something new and go a little farther from home for a job. Or two. Just to see how it is. I don't have to move half-way across the world or anything, but I wouldn't mind having a good adventure just to have one. For the past five and a half years I've been so serious in my studies that I never took the options to go have an adventure. Now I'm thinking that excitement sure does sound nice.

I've always had a plan. I like plans. I love lists. I like knowing what's coming around the corner because I like being prepared. It's a security thing. Plus the fact that I've had a plan for my life up until graduating from grad school, I mean, that does shape the kind of person you become. I've known what steps to take to get to where I wanted to be. And now I've got the whole world open to me and I'm not sure I want to jump right back home without at least trying for something more.

Maybe its the excitement that my friends are starting new jobs right now. Maybe its the fact that so many of them have started some incredible journey in their life and I'm ready to shake up my norm. Perhaps I just like the sound of just living somewhere new. Perhaps its because I don't want to look back ten years down the line and say, "geez, I wish I had (Fill in Adventure Here)." Could be a mixture of it all. All I know is that I want to be happy with whatever I am doing and I have a feeling that if I don't take full advantage of this opportunity now, I will regret not having at least given a good effort to try.

So that, my friends, is why I'm not limiting my search. Who knows if I'll get anything I'm looking at now but I'll be darned if I stand between me and the adventure that's waiting for me on the other side of graduation.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's September!

And therefore I believe it's the beginning of the fall season! Autumn! How I love thee!

I can see myself now, driving down this road on a bright, crisp morning dressed in a warm red sweater and brown boots, looking like I just walked out of a Ralph Lauren ad.

But seriously, I wish I lived in a place where the world looked like it was on fire in brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows during the fall season. I want to go to a pumpkin patch this year!

I want to drink warm apple cider and bake pumpkin bread! I want to make my pumpkin pancakes again, too! And pumpkin cheesecake! OH and I can't wait to make all those warm homey meals that just make you feel so cozy!OK, I'm on a food roll here...but I can see myself, curled up in my favorite chair in my favorite warm comfy clothes, glasses on, hair a mess, and covered with my furry blanket. Honey would be there nestled next to my legs sleeping soundly (or running around like a maniac) and I'd have a hot bowl of chili/stew/soup/chicken and dumplings in hand watching a favorite fall movie.

I want to jump into a giant pile of leaves like this kid, full of gusto!

Can't you just see it? Eyes wild with excitement as I plunge into the crunchy mountain of foliage! Tongue hanging out...wait...maybe I'm channeling Piper...hmmm...

There's nothing like the fall. The change in the weather, the crisp nip of wind blows past giving you a small shiver, but yet, you can still feel the warmth of the sun on your cheek, trying desperately to stick around before winter comes.
I also love spring time--maybe it has something to do with the process of change. Either way, both spring and fall always tend to be wonderful seasons for me.

I'm such a romantic when it comes to seasons in general. I love getting into whatever typical seasonal activity is required, especially the fall months. Someday I would love to visit the New England area in the fall to see what a beautiful autumn is like. It's just such a wonderful season because of its great colors, good food, best clothes, fabulous smells and best of all, holidays. Come on, Halloween, THANKSGIVING, Christmas! Three major holidays all in one season! Can't beat that. This year, I plan to really get into the spirit of them all (Mainly because my thesis will be done and I can actually enjoy them again)!

But for now, I'm going to have to deal with the 90-something degree weather for a few more weeks before it cools down...on the 23rd of September. Doesn't mean I begin to mentally prep for the seasonal change!

Happy September everyone!!
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