Friday, August 27, 2010

Week One, Down

I've survived my last first week of school as a student.

Boy that's a mouthful. I keep thinking, "this is the last first (insert event here)!" That's almost as bad as when my sister graduated from high school. It was the last EVERYTHING. We ate spaghetti that WHOLE year because it was her favorite meal AND her last year at home...I couldn't eat spaghetti for about five years after that.

In any case, this week is almost complete with one more class to go for the day. We've been leveling in dance classes which is pretty much auditioning all over again for the classes you'll be in. It takes a while for the teachers to place all new and returning students where they need to be for the semester.

It's just nice to dance again! To move again, stretch the muscles, and feel the body working, that's a wonderful feeling. I mean, I can hardly sit half the time, but I'll be back in the swing of things before too long.

It's also nice to be around this energy. There's something about the hundreds of hopeful performers in the building that just lights your own fire. It's easy to feel as if the spark of passion dies out over time if you're in a rut, hitting a wall, or just not in the mindset. There's something about fresh faces that makes you want to try and suddenly you're more sure of yourself being on Broadway than at any other point in your life. It's nice to be reminded of what it feels like to be passionate and inspired.

My auditions were this week and they went really well! I have my cast for my thesis production, Imagine This! I'm very excited to work with them and work we will! It will be so incredibly neat to see what I've dreamt in my head and written on paper actually up on it's feet, alive and moving. Tomorrow we're whipping out the first piece in a 3 hour rehearsal (Hopefully. I'm optimistic!).

This week has been a growing experience, too. I feel as though my undergraduate classes were akin to learning the A-B-C's of life. Like when you learned what the letters are, what they sound like, and what basic words they spell, I've been learning the basics of my career choice, the basics of adulthood, basic life lessons, yadda yadda. As a graduate student though, I've been stretched and pushed to learn bigger lessons and come across bigger hurdles.

Like my advisor has been telling me, I'm learning what questions to ask, when to ask them, and to whom I must ask them IF I can ask them at all. It's very interesting. When you're six, the world is black and white. When you get older, there are still black and white principals and then there are some gray areas.

But as complicated as it may seem, taking a breath and pausing can clear the air faster than blazing into any challenge I may have before me. I feel as though I've created so many theme phrases for this last push through this semester. "Whatever it takes!" or "Slow down. Take a breath." or "One step at a time." There are plenty more. One that I just learned is actually really neat and reminds me of a post I put up not too long ago about finding the ultimate happy.

You can either put an "e" or an "i" in there. The choice is yours.

I know what my choice is for today and the next day and all the rest of my days. What's yours?

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