Friday, August 20, 2010

Back to School

Ah, August. That merry month that sends children scurrying back to their little school houses where they can soak up the knowledge of the world from their little desks.

Or if you're a college student, it means hauling your life back to whatever dorm you live in, unpacking your livelihood once again and prepping your body for the daily jog you have around campus to get to your classes that will be in about eight different buildings. Maybe. I'm in the same building all day, every day, but then again my college experience is vastly different from most other people. C'est la vie.

Back to school. I have so many memories of back to school's gone by (This is starting to sound a little cheesy, no?). I always enjoy the back to school shopping part. So many school supplies are out and that means new pretty pens, fancy notebooks, fresh paper spirals, pencil bags, highlighters, and best of all, calendars. I love shopping for calendars. Must be a sickness because I love to plan out the year and write out to-do's! Ah, it makes my little heart go pitter pat! Color me nerd, but I nothing brings me more joy than to fill in my planner.

Well, I'm all set for this LAST semester, my final time at school. Got my books, my dance duds, thesis costumes, props, etc. Hard to believe I'm almost done with my masters. What's a little more scary is that I'm really and truly finishing up my time in the education system as a student. There's always the possibility of going back, but I'm pretty darn sure a break in order after this last run. I'm as ready as I ever will be for Monday, my last first day of school.

I remember growing up and on the first day of every school year Mom would make Big Sister and I take a back-to-school picture in front of our entertainment center. (I tried to dig up all of them but really, I had other things on my plate so I opted for first two I was able to find. I'm not much for patience on these sorts of things.) Anyway, calculating it up in my head, I started trying to figure how long I've been in school. I started when I was four, finishing up now and I'm 23 = 19 years just about.

Good grief. That's a long time. Here I am, first day of Pre-K--silly girl. She has no idea that she will have 18 more years left to go carrying her lunch to school and hauling a backpack twice her weight.

But darn if I don't just look so adorable in my little watermelon outfit! I loved that outfit, Mom made it for me! I wish I could remember what my first thoughts of school were. I'm pretty sure I had no clue I'd still be dancing this many years later. Nice surprise though!

And for one brief shining year, Big Sister and I were in the same school. Five years apart never really put us in the same place except for my kindergarten year. Here I am, loving on Big Sister in my baby sister kind of way and you can clearly see just how THRILLED she is to have wart like me for a sister.

It's still very much that way.

Ah, sisterly love.

Happy Back to School everyone!!

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