Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sweet Honey Child

There's a new addition to my family! I welcome to the world the little orange fluff ball, Honey!!

She's the sweetest little girl you've ever seen! Purrs like a little motor boat and loves to snuggle up with her people. Big Sister happened to find Honey at a local Petsmart in McKinney and called Mom about her this past weekend. Three trips to go visit the kitty and we finally broke down. Something about her purring in my arms just made me cave.

We'd been looking at a lot of shelters around town, looking at kittens, holding them, trying to figure out how to add in a kitty to our family. I really wanted to adopt. That was super important to me because there are so many cats in shelters that I would like to help at least one out. My first cat, Esme, was a shelter kitty. Mom rescued her for my 6th birthday and she lived for a quite a long time just as fat and happy as can be.

Honey is actually a foster kitty. Her foster family picked up Honey and brother when they were three weeks old. Since she's been hand raised, bottle fed, etc., Honey is extremely loving, is very docile, and has a sweet disposition. Although, I'm slowly finding she's a feisty little creature, too.

She's learning the lay of the land here at our homestead, but she's not quite on her own yet. Too many places little Honey can hide including under the couch and let me tell you--I ain't no 8 year old who can squeeze behind the couch to catch little kitty. I should preface that she likes to find these hiding places from Piper.

Yes, the light of my life, the giant, loveable fur ball is a little scary to poor Honey. This is about as close as she will get to Piper.

It's a work in progress.

Piper just wants to play and love all over kitty like her own woobies ("woobie" - a pet stuffed animal), but Honey is having none of that! She is happy running from Piper and Piper is happy to follow with a spunky wagging tale.

We've found that Honey loves feather toys, hates the sound of flushing toilets, and really hates when you don't pay attention to her. Recently discovered that she will try to hop in the shower with you to get your attention. Her foster mom gave us this little fluffy bag she sleeps in--we call it her baguette. She curls up in it, pads it with her little paws, and rubs her face all over it. Pretty darn cute if you ask me.

She's a wonderful distraction here at our house and we're having a lot of fun getting to know our new little Honey. Honey Bee. Honey Child. Honey Bun. Are you totally gagging over the nicknames yet? Still have to get her tags for her honeybee collar, a vet visit, and her used to the dog. That one might take a while.

A happy hump day to all! I must go make sure Honey isn't terrorizing poor Piper! Oh dear.


  1. she is so cute!! i wish my kitty was still a kitten. but i love her still the same :) kitten are so much fun. just wait until she jumps out from under the couch and attacks your feet when you're not expecting it. ;) my cat did that when she was a kitten and enjoyed it way too much. haha

  2. This is just too cute! Congratulations on the new kitty!


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