Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Pains of Packing & Being Pet-less

I hate packing. Absolutely loathe the process mainly because I'm so terribly at it. I stand in front of my closet debating what to take knowing that inevitably I will be in my destination pondering why I didn't take this accessory or that pair of shoes. It's quite a predicament.

And I'm packing for several weeks and several events including clothes for rehearsals, performances, every day wear, and somewhere in there I have to get a nice dress for a wedding...hmmm. Of course there's all my stuff for Thesis junk, too. Wish I had a Mary Poppin's bag that I could cram all my junk into and carry off with me.

See the problem? And it's a little embarrassing to load up my car and cart it all up to my house where Dad will make some comment about me needing to learn how to pack. I'm convinced at that point it's really an incurable disease I'll be forced to deal with for the rest of my life. I can't help it! I just like to be prepared! Is that so awful?!

I'll end this dramatic display before I become hysterical, but don't think for a second that I didn't consider setting my closet a flame. However, that would have meant I lost ALL my clothing and the apartment rendering me homeless...hmm, not such a hot idea (ba dum ching!).

I even listened to some Jack Johnson to mellow out a bit. Should have poured a glass of wine, although that usually makes me a little sleepy and I would have passed out at 8:00 pm on my piles of clothes. Maybe I'll take another crack at it this afternoon.

If only I had a furry friend there to help me with the packing, it would be so much easier! Not really, but I've still got kitty fever like no other. Big Sister had a cute kitten wander into their backyard this weekend. Just look at that face:

Kitty is a boy (I prefer female pets) and I cannot have pets anyhow. But Pyro Man apparently loved the little kitten and has decided to get one for himself. To say I'm only slightly jealous would be a gross understatement. He's lives under a roof with two people, two pups, one kitty and now he's think of taking on another kitten! Currently I'm only visited by friendly spiders (still). Life is not fair.

But I have remind myself that I'm not in the right spot for a pet right now. I'm gone for long stints during the day, right now I'm about to leave for TX, and once the fall rolls around, I'll be gone ALL the time with work on the thesis production. The additional fact of "no pet policy" is last on the list which is ironic because the whole purpose for moving off campus this time last year was to GET a kitty. Live in ghetto apartment with fuzzy friend or live in GORGEOUS historic home that I love to pieces without kitty?

Hmm, the choice was hard--obviously I caved for the comforts and safety of my little slice of heaven. The lonely part of it all is getting little old though. I'm starting to feel like Piper, I need my peoples around me if only to help me kill little eigh legged monsters. And you know, there's some guy in the next building with a DOG! I see him walking it, parading around the neigborhood! SOMEONE NAIL HIS BUTT! If I can't have a cute kitten then he certainly cannot have dog. I'm not vindictive in the slightest...or acting like a five year old at all. Never fear though, I will get my orange kitty.

Oh sweet jeebus. That's it. I'm grabbing my purse and heading for the door--I have to have a furry friend! *SIGH* Until next time, I'll be here, searching for cute kittens online and weeping into my keyboard.

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  1. These orange friends are just like my grandmother's cat who I just LOVED!!!!


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