Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Little Love...

...goes a long way. The last few weeks have been, shall we say, a little stressful and continued to rain down more frustrations than I truly wanted to handle. I finally feel as though I've emerged from the little selfish blue cloud I was walking in for what seemed like forever. But thankfully I've had some loving arms there to run into and some eye openers to the bigger picture.

Being home has helped tremendously--I've always thought of this house as being a charging station for my little heart. Even if I'm here for a weekend, I always feel as though I leave twice as strong as I ever was. Maybe that's because of Mom's good cookies or just from lots of hugs and Piper kisses. Either way, it's nice to have someone there when you're feeling a little blue to put a little smile on your face and a happy in your heart.

There's also Pyro Man whose kind enough to listen even when I don't make a lick of sense. For that I thank him and pray he does not light himself on fire like he almost did over the 4th. You'd be a little hard to hold if you're crispy, dear, but don't worry, I'd still love you anyway.

It also helps to have one of my dearest friends so close--I've missed coffee dates with her so much. She has a knack for shedding light on any situation and reminding me to find the silver lining. It's not about finding the ultimate joy of your life but finding the joy in something for everything.

Geez Louise, that's a great reminder. I've been repeating to myself that once I accomplish point A I can move to point B and therefore I will feel so much better by the time I land on C. Incorrect, dear readers. It isn't about working towards your ultimate happy (i.e. a job, a settled life, etc.). It's about finding the joy in the journey.

So stinkin' simple and yet so easily forgettable when you're focused on the gigantic goal ahead. December is so close and yet so far--everything leading up to that month should be nothing but exciting and adventurous. Power of positivity! And yes, it's a Polly Anna point of view, however, I'm all about getting on a happy train here. No one likes a drip. So play with a puppy, hug a tree, eat a whole plate full of homemade cookies--whatever you need to do to find a little joy in your day, I recommend doing it. Sharing a bit of love in your life helps, too. Give back a little a bit, no strings attached. It's a freebie feel good two for one and everyone loves a great bargain.

On a final happy note, some things to look forward to: We move into the Dallas Convention Center for Mary Kay performances this Saturday. Those ladies are the best crowds to perform for! They just hoop and holler and love everything you do, even if it's twirling a ribbon stick! I'm getting my giant thesis notebook ready to go and slowly starting the choreography process. My one and only tap piece is the first one I'm tackling because it will take the most amount of patience and time...Sweet jeebus, help me. Hmm. Guess that list is a little shorter than I planned. Well poop.

It's THURSDAY! Got lots to tackle today so I'd better get my buns in gear. Hope you enjoy this beautiful summer day!

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  1. Glad you are back home in the great state of Texas!! I feel that a lunch date is in order soon before you have to head back to OKC. :) Mostly because I miss you and I miss laughing over silly things that only seem to happen when we're together. yeah...any who...enjoy tech/dress week with Mary Kay! I get my turn in two weeks! eep! <3 <3


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