Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday, Piper!

Yesterday was my precious pup's birthday.

Six years ago in the early fall of my senior year we traveled to a breeder out in east Texas to meet this little ball of fluff. She was spunky and eager to please. She was absolutely fascinated with the human hand and loved to explore all sorts of places. She also had a habit of falling asleep in her food bowl. It was love at first woof!

Little Piper has been the light of my life since day one. We affectionally dubbed at Hyper Piper or Pirana Puppy those first few months we had her. Fortunately we grew out of the chewing stage, but she still has such a zest for life. Sometimes it's a bit much for our visitors. Now she's getting on up there and becoming a little spinster. She doesn't mind though. She's treated to some special things at our house like front seat access on road trips.

Empty ice cream cartons.

(We really don't do that any more--that was a one time treat.)

And of course there are the peanut butter treats...

She hangs on my every word...especially with a treat in hand.

And because I am her puppy sister, she has just as much right to my bed as she does hers. Including the space I'm already occupying.

She's been my buddy though so I'm happy to share. Who could resist such a face anyway?

Happy Birthday, precious Piper! Here's to another six wonderful years ahead of us!


  1. Thank you! She's says, "woof" which is Dog for "thanks!"


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