Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We Love the Exterminator

Recently I have had an invasion in my precious little apartment: spiders. EWWWWW!!!!

I've been beefing up on my bug-squashing skills lately and boy howdy, I'm good! Ain't no spider going to run away from me! So these creepy little eight legged creatures have been invading my homestead by popping up on things like my couch and my bed! AGGHH!

(Can you hear the gagging in the background?)]

Anyway, my rescuer, The Exterminator, has just sprayed my house and now I can work in peace without the fear that something is going to crawl across me. Ew.

And yes, that is about the most exciting adventure I've had in the last couple weeks...exterminating bugs. *SIGH* Sad, I know, but my time is currently being spent creating my thesis. This process has been extremely time consuming and has completely taken over my brain. If you feel forgotten, you probably have been because I'm sorry, my brain can't shut off the thesis topic for even a second.

Hours have been spent writing the perfect mission statement. I swear, some sentences have been written over ten times. Try cutting down a 6:25 song to under 3:30 minutes! Casting you say? Why yes, I've created the perfect casting chart that will change the instant the audition happens and that, my friend, is another subject all of its own.

But, despite the planning, the typing, the researching, and blah blah blah...I'm really excited!! The dances, the stories, the costumes, the whole shebang has got me incredibly ecstatic! SO if you're interested in viewing the debut of this fabulous show (details soon to come), it's October 15th!! Auditions are August 24th (hint, hint!)!

Until next time...

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