Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Love To Laugh!

I love to laugh. I love to giggle. I love to snicker. I love it when I'm in such a fit of laughter that eventually there is no sound coming out of my mouth. I love getting what my friend Michael calls the church giggles--those are the ones where EVERYTHING becomes funny and once you stop, you start giggling all over again. And let me tell you, dear reader, I am no silent laugher.

Tonight as I sit in my apartment, a beloved movie came on the TV. I watched a few scenes, giggled to myself, burst out laughing a few times and it suddenly struck me: My sense of humor is like a child's.

I think slapstick humor is HILARIOUS! Point in case, this is a video I love to watch over and over again, it makes me laugh so hard I cry! Watch all the way through--I promise you'll love it, too!

Or this one--although, in theory you hope the girl is alright...but really, I crack up EVERY time!

I can't help it. I had a friend almost fall off a treadmill one time and I about lost it in the gym--of course I asked in between fits of laughter if they were OK (yes, they were). Still in all, I can't help but laugh at those things. Who knows why.

Ooh! Ooh! Bizkit the dog is HYSTERICAL! And something a little less slap stick is this Total Eclipse of the Heart Literal video is good for a stupid laugh.

I think almost anything Pixar is amazing! I laughed for hours watching "Jack Jack Attackk" from The Incredibles.

If you have never seen "For The Birds" please click now to enjoy a giggle fit yourself! Their little faces say it all!

Will & Grace is another favorite of mine to watch. This is Julie on too much caffeine. Oh, how about Jack's singing skills? GETS me every time! I could give you more, but heck--I'd end up giving you my entire series collection!

I love going to see animated films--Nine times out of ten, I want to have a good laugh about something. A great big boisterous laughing fit that will put a happy in my heart and a little pep to my step.

And if you ever decided you'd like to go to a movie with me, be forewarned that I laugh at all the wrong parts at all the wrong moments and these moments won't be half as funny to anyone else in the theater. There you will sit, me draped over the chair just busting a gut next to you and NO ONE else will be laughing in the theater. Remember, I'm loud. Everyone will turn to see where that poor "special" child is and they'll look at you. More than likely you'll sink into your chair, ignoring the stares OR you'll silently elbow me to take it down a notch OR you'll be laughing AT me (Believe me, I know the different when you're laughing at me laughing or cracking up with me). Dear Big Sister once threatened to leave me in a movie theater if I didn't shut-up--I was 21 years old. I think Pyro Man contemplated it while we were watching Shrek 3...

So if you need an upper, check these out. If you want to watch something childish, call me--I'll be happy to sit there and giggle with you. But don't try to tickle me. I might hurt you with my karate chop skills.

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