Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Little Memories

The end of the year is coming up--24 days until I'm home and off on another short lived adventure all before summer school begins. I'm really excited because I'm getting to visit one of my best buds at the happiest place on earth, Disney! Karley, whom I've written about before, is currently living and working for Disney World in Orlando.

Little back ground, Karley is my college roommate whom I shared living space with for four years. Funny story, we actually requested to be roommates before we'd even met. How did that happen? Well, I had an old dance friend who's sister lived in Florida and met Karley through a vacation bible school program at her church. The sisters found out that we were both going to OCU in the fall and thought we would make great roommates. So, we both signed up requesting one another before our first phone conversation. Turned out to be a match made in heaven really!

Can't even begin to explain my enthusiasm of getting to see Rooms! I haven't seen the girl in about a year and let me tell you, when you live with someone in close quarters for a lengthy amount of time, you begin to miss little things about them. But I do have certain reminders of my friend on a daily basis. For instance, I cannot throw away a single cardboard box without breaking it down. Karley used to do it and even taught me how to properly break down a box because, well, when a box is closed, it makes it so much easier to fit more trash in a trashcan without a bulky box in the way. I laughed, but dang it, Karley! I literally cannot bear to see a WHOLE box sticking out of the trash. And if you must know, I've passed the good habit on to my parents as well.

Karley has this love for cats unlike anyone I've ever seen. She even adopted a cat who lived in our apartment complex our junior year. He was known as the Cokesbury Kitty but Karley affectionately renamed him Tigre. Even though I was way unsure about how I felt with a stray cat running around, Karley collected funds from our entire complex to pay for shots the little guy needed to keep him healthy (and pest free) when he stayed in our place. I would have never admitted to liking that feline at the time although now I have to say I kinda miss seeing his fuzz but around the apartment. Tigre turned out to be a pretty dang good pet for our place. With the one exception when he ate Esther's fish...perhaps that'll be tomorrows story...

One of the things I miss without Rooms here, and I really think on a daily basis, is how she used to be just down the hall. I used to pop in Karley's room to ask her questions from time to time about who knows what, just about anything! Or I'd go stand in her doorway and ask for a hug if a day had been really crummy. It was just nice to get a "squishy" from her (SQUISHY: A type of hug, filled with love and affection to fill up you "love bucket." There's a whole Karley language I can't even speak with anyone else--dag-nab it! Karley, get your butt back here--people think I'm crazy!) Though I love my big girl apartment, I miss that terribly. Unfortunately, I didn't take advantage that she was a few feet away from me that whole last year she was here. BUT now, I have an opportunity to go and spend some time with her! I can't even wait!

Thinking about the upcoming trip reminded me of my friends that are no longer at OCU. They're enjoying the grown-up world of adulthood of which I'll be joining them in less than a year's time. Growing up puts a bit of distance between me and my close friends and that's a bit frustrating not getting to spend time with them like I used to. Even Esther, the other best buddy of mine, came through last Thursday for a quick sleep over. She's only a couple hours away but I still don't get to see her too much any more. No more coffee dates or Stir-fry Wednesdays in the caf. No more shopping cart rides to work where we would have our own "staff meetings" (i.e. gossip sessions). HOWEVER, she is going to be in Dallas all too soon and I'll get to be closer to my Favorite once again.

Still and all, it's amazing how close people get to one another in such a short few years. Then poof! They're gone on their own adventure, which you support whole-heartedly as a good friend should. Of course, there are always the good memories to look back on and hopefully you took enough pictures to document that leg wrestling contest you had or the Halloween costumes you wore that one year and who could forget the one time when we threw that birthday party with the plastic animals--see what I mean? Good memories of good times with some of the greatest friends I've ever had, some of which I haven't even gotten to mention in this post.

To sum it up, short and sweet, I'm excited to see Karley! I'm excited to see Disney for the FIRST TIME EVER! And I'm excited Esther's moving to Texas! Oh happy day!

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