Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie...

Weenie--you can certainly say that again. Right now I am being the biggest, yellow-bellied weenie you've ever seen. Why? Oh because it's that time of year, the one we woman sometimes don't always love...

Shopping for swimwear.

I'm so excited about my trip to Florida in May! Saturday I took some time to shop around a bit and as I waltzing through clothing racks, I ran into the swimsuit section. *Gulp*

Oh but the beach is calling me name! Warm sand, cool water, hot sun and getting a tan! Glorious tan! (Using sunscreen of course). Oh the wonders that color could do for my skin complexion! To be even a shade darker than porcelain would be divine...It's sad, my base is THE lightest shade Clinique has...any lighter and I'd disappear.

See, I'd kinda forgotten that I when I asked Karley if we could go to the beach that I'd have to wear a suit. Call me crazy, but I always forget about that part when it comes time to summer. That is until I end up in the dressing room with 80 suits hanging up and me sobbing in my stall--"WHY DON'T I HAVE THE BODY OF A 12 YEAR OLD ANY MORE?!?!" The girls cannot be just stuffed into a bando suit like some other folks, OK. It just ain't going to happen.

Eh, I like my curves--I've gotten used to them. And yes, I'm sure you're pointing out the fact that hey, I run around in spandex five or six days out of the week. That's days, not hours. But there is a huge difference in running around in a bikini and dancing in my tards and tights ("Tards"--abbreviated word for "leotards.").

When I'm dancing, my body is moving, working and I'm concentrating on an execution of a movement--not necessarily how my body is holding up (Although, yeah, I'm looking in the mirror every five minutes to make sure those Stretch & Hold tights are holding everything in...whew! Suck it in!).

It's a mental block, I know this to be true, but it doesn't stop me from hating the fact that I can never find that magic that transforms me into a Victoria's Secret model--curse you oddly shaped women who we've put on pedestals for your strangely skinny, long torso and limbs! I despise you for downplaying the natural curves of the female contour!

Well, now that I've had my hissy fit, guess I better get back to searchin'--either I find a suit or I go naked and I think I'd much prefer to find a suit instead!


  1. i think we were sharing brain waves today ;) cause i totally posted a blog about swim suit shopping before i even read you blog about it. i don't know what to make of that.
    i hope the last week and a half of school goes smoothly for you!! :)

  2. Yeah, noticed that--interesting how that happened indeed. Good luck in your search for the perfect suit!


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