Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hello Humidity

Ah, spring in Oklahoma! The weather is bright and beautiful, the trees are in full bloom, it's tornado season, we're getting spring rains and it's humid.

Oh wait, that last part, not my favorite part of spring. Why? Oh because I have blessed with the type of hair that tends to fuzz out at the slight chance of rain. Don't get me wrong, I have learned to love my hair, it's grown on me (ba-dum-ching!) and with some serious hair care help, I've learned to work with it pretty well.

If you've ever met my parents, you can see where it comes from. Dad used to have an afro (I love telling people that--it's true, too!) and Mom has a very wild mane of her own (curly, full, and thick red hair--Only the red gene skipped me, dang it. ). Put those two together and you get me, the human chia pet. Add water and watch it grow. Houston, Florida--we don't get along too well when it comes to hair care. WAY too much humidity in the hair, looks like I stuck my finger in a socket, yowzah!

These locks of mine have come in very handy for me though. For instance, I can predict the weather. Like today, I walk outside and wham! My hair starts fuzzing like you wouldn't believe. I can then conclude it's going to be cloudy with a chance of Big Texas Hair (i.e. rain). Oh and Big Texas Hair, it was key in a good majority of my dance performances as a child. Though I may have been born in the wrong era (always wanted to be Ginger Rogers), my hair certainly wasn't. It was MADE for Big Texas Hair. You know what I'm talking about?

The 90's hair where everyone used eight cans of hair spray on your hair to solidify the cascade of teased curls you fried your hair for. See, look at our homegirl, Reba, my hero at age six.

See what I mean? The girl had some volume. And yes, I wanted to be Reba. And Dolly Parton. "Jolene" was my favorite song ever. Continue snickering if you must--Focus on the hair. It was HUGE! And baby, did i know how to do Texas Hair.

Don't believe me about the big hair? Fine, some blackmail proof for your enjoyment:

Yup--that little bit, shaking her groove thing on the floor is me, age seven. Here's another from the good ol' days of dance:

Yeah, you can even tell I'm not too sure about this costume. Still not good enough for you? OK then. Pulling out the big guns. Please try not to fall out of your seat laughing:

The ultimate Big Texas Hair shot. I know, its outrageous how much it sticks out from under that hat--just to answer your question before you EVEN ask, the hair, the duds were all for a dance performance.

No, I don't wear my hair like this any more although I have been lucky enough to do so for friends--watch out ladies, you ask for big hair and I will not back down. I love helping people out with that because 1) it's so much fun to tease and hair spray 2) it's simply oh so tacky, but great from an audience perspective and 3) I have seriously mastered the art. Oh, there's an art to it, my friend.

Just watching my hair fuzz out today into its natural state does not bother as much as it used to. It is what it is and I kinda enjoy looking like Mufasa in the morning--I get an absolute kick out of my lion's mane, and I know the roomies did, too, when were living together. Letting my hair "do it's thang" feels almost freeing because it's so me. I joke that my hair usually emulates how my life is going. Pretty right on today since it looks like a rat's nest, just crazy.

I've wondered sometimes what if I have a little girl someday way, WAY into the future and she's blessed (or cursed) to have my same hair, what would I say to her?

To you, future little one, you'll look like a wild child ragamuffin for a time and absolutely hate when I take a brush to those tangles--that's why we'll own stock in Johnson and Johnson no-tangle spray. There will be tears on middle school mornings when your locks will rebel, refusing to stay straight like the other girls' hair. By high school you'll have mastered the unruly nature of your hair with a good straighter and products, but as time goes along, as you learn to love every bit of yourself, you'll find that your crazy curls are what you love the best, what makes you, you.

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