Thursday, April 22, 2010

Final's List To-Do

Ah, list making! Is there anything better than pulling out a pretty pad of paper, your favorite pen, and jotting down all the things that are floating around in your head!

I love list making--absolutely LOVE it. Putting pen to paper on all the thoughts that are running around in my head really does help me sort out the to-do's and whatnot. I blame Mom for this love of to-do lists. And kitchen gadgets. Boy, do I love kitchen doodads and whats-its. Even more so I love dish ware like my beautiful fiesta ware that I eat on every day--so colorful and cheery!

Wait, I was distracted by the thought of kitchen gadgets. Hamster-brained today I suppose. LISTS! That's what I was going on about which to my readers, is probably not that entertaining, but ah-ha!

I am making FUN lists today. Lists that involve nothing but happy reminders to get me through the next two weeks (which break down to a week of actual classes and a week of finals! Can we say HECK TO THE YEAH!....I'm not "gangsta" in the least bit, but I certainly do try to get down with my bad self....I'll stop now.)

ANYWAY, as I day dream of my future time off, I've penned a few ideas so far. Have I missed anything?

1) MASSAGE--the traditional semester ending massage always happens after my last final, ballet.

2) Hair-cut--just trying to keep my hair from looking too much like it's been an after-thought these last few weeks.

3) Trip to the Arboretum--Such a beautiful time of year to go and for my 21st birthday, just a mere two years ago this MAY, Esther came with me when she was in town. I should mention I'm thinking of the Dallas Arboretum. Oh, it's just gorgeous!

4) Chick-fil-a date with Mom--The Chick is our lunch place. Don't even begin to think it's not fancy dining--I mean, we know the workers at the one is Rowlett PERSONALLY, thank you VERY much. We get free re-fills and every thing when they roll out the red carpet for us. I kid, sorta. But it is a place where Mom and I have spent a good portion of our heart-to-hearts, good, happy or sad (yes, I've cried in Chik before). If I'm feeling really blue, I'll head over to one for a pick-me up. Nothing like a glass of tea to bring you home even just for a sip.

5) Lunch at SPOONS--Yet another restuarant I love to go to not only because of the food (which is delicious. Oh yum!) but also because of it's great decor. Gee whiz, it's just a cute little place that's perfect for a ladies lunch. Located in downtown McKinney conveniently close to my sister's house (Hint, hint, Sarah) and they have the BEST desserts! Good gravy, my mouth is watering!

**SHAMELESS PLUG--my birthday is in 25 days, the 17th so mark your calendars. I'm thinking a Spoon's cake is in order to make up for the fact that I will be starting school on the celebratory day of my birth. Just sayin'...**

6) Homemade Family Dinner--Last time I was home, I got to try my hand at cooking for the fam. So much fun, not to mention I had my own personal sous-chef with me (Thanks, Mom!). It's always nice when we all pitch in, makes for a crowded kitchen, but hey--its family time spent together.

**There's quite a bit of food reference in here...hmm...perhaps because it's lunch time. Nah--I'm usually always thinking about food.

7) Trip to Barnes & Noble/Half-Price Books--let the summer reading begin! I try to go for 10 books a summer which I usually surpass so we'll see if I can get that far with all the thesis stuff I'll be working on.

8) Reading in my Hammock--Time to make use of my 20th birthday gift (see there's that birthday reminder for ya'll again. Funny how that happened...). Yup, I asked for a hammock a couple, three, years ago and I love using it when I'm home!

9) Playing with Piper--do I need to expand upon that one? Really?

10) Day dreaming--oh I've got plenty of things to plan for and wonderful day dreams I want to continue falling into while sunbathing in my hammock or making napkin lists with Mom. Planning will more so includes my thesis and though I want to make sure my week off is spent relaxing, visiting with family, (MAYBE) seeing my Pyro Man, and of course the big trip to FL, I can't say I'll spend much time on it. Then again, this process is pretty well cut in half from what everyone else gets...

Yeah, I'm going to pull a Scarlet O'Hara and say "If I think about that now I'll just go crazy! I'll think about it tomorrow." Gotta love Gone With the Wind.

See, list making is fun--it automatically gets you super excited for the upcoming excitement and makes you forget all about that pesky research paper that needs editing...oh wait. Dang it. Back to work then I guess. Happy Thursday to you all!

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