Monday, April 12, 2010

Dare I say it?

Things are beginning to slow down a bit...

I mean, I have tons left to complete over the next few weeks, but I believe things are slowing to where I can accomplish more now. Crazy. And how did I come to that conclusion exactly?

Maybe it was the fact that I was able to sit for an hour at Lake Hefner Sunday afternoon and enjoy a good hamburger while watching people jog around me. I felt like such a cruel person. Here I am, savoring every bite of this hamburger I'd been dreaming about all morning, breaking off each tid-bit of deliciousness right in front of these poor exercising people. Don't even say they didn't notice because be darned if I didn't park my happy butt down on a park bench right in front of the trail.

It just happened that way--I wanted to sit right in front of the lake and that happened to be an open seat. So poor joggers, I'm sorry I tempted you so. Watching you tirelessly jog circles around the lake, sweating profusely and huffing to beat the band, well, I figured I would be kind enough to eat that burger you selflessly gave up in the name of exercise.


Anyway, while I was sitting, enjoying my quiet time out in the fresh air, away from all computer screens and library books, there was a cute couple who sat down and enjoyed a picnic together. I thought, "That is precious. To be able to pack a lunch and go have a nice afternoon with your honey on such a pretty day, that's just so sweet."

Let me preface that I enjoy doing many things by myself. Sometimes it’s nice to have that moment alone just to be. Of course having people to share in the joy of your activities is always nice, but there are moments where you just need a minute to yourself. I could have called a friend to join me in this impromptu lake trip. I could have, but I didn't. Why? Because I just wanted to eat outside, in peace, and make a to-do list.

As I sat there on my bench, I took a good look around. Everyone was in the same relaxed state I was--with the exception of some joggers. I really thought some of them were going to collapse at my feet and my CPR certificate is definitely expired. Keep running, sir! You go man....just don't keel over at my feet....thanks...

Sitting on a bench, you see quite a bit of things that normally I don't because I'm so focused on my work. Watching what everyone else did strangely enough, made me pretty happy, too. I got to see peole enjoy the weather with picnics, kite flying, couples strolling along hand and hand, families playing catch, walking their dogs, running their children--wait, I don't think that's an actual activity...or is it?

**Side note: I had someone call me yesterday because I was recommended as a good baby sitter. I don't baby sit. Period. I have NEVER given my name as someone to call for a baby-sitter. I dog sit. I house sit. I don't sit on children--that's a whole lotta responsibility I ain't ready for. Maybe when Sarah decides to have a kid--I mean, hey, if something happens, it's with my sister's kid and not a stranger's. Plus, I've been evilly plotting on hyping her youngster up on sugar then sending 'em right back to her! Muahahaha!

(Again, with the laugh--I'm feeling rather devious today.) See what I mean? I'm purposefully planning on sending a hyper child back to my loving older sister. CLEARLY I am not ready to take care of someone’s kid, even for a couple of hours.**

What was I talking about? Oh, yeah, pretty day, blah, blah, blah. The POINT being, I relished in the fact that I had time to just sit for an hour and take in the organic happiess. Keyword: SIT. Not stare a screen or listen to yet another lecture on music theater or strain to find one more set of eight counts worth of choreography. I sat. And I sun bathed (so to speak). And I got a natural happy feeling from just being around other happy people. And I felt like a whole new person. It's as if the stress melted away for those blissful 60 minutes and I could daydream about anything I wanted--which I did quite a bit of, all about happy things I'm looking forward to in the future. It was virtually impossible to think about work with some much sunshine goodness beaming down.

I wish I could do that every day. Well, there's a lot of things I wish, but for now I think that's the biggest one I have--a day to spend outside doing something purely enjoyable. Thankfully, I have only three more weeks of school to get through. I'll keep chugging along until I can have that one week off--ah, freedom, I await your presence so!

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