Friday, April 30, 2010

Bookworm Plea

I love to read. Love, love, LOVE it! There's nothing better than a good escape in a great read. You know the one I'm talking about--page turners that keep you up all night long because you HAVE to know what's coming next! AH! I love it!

Well, this year has taken me far from my favorite activity of reading for pleasure and instead inserted text books into my hands. I've been hanging on to some books I got for research purposes since February and just YESTERDAY turned them...HELLO! It's April 30th. Can we say, "Big Fine." Ooops.

Anyway, summer is fast approaching and my "vacation" is a little sporadic with only one week off in May before summer school starts and then about five weeks off before the fall semester begins. I've got precious time to spend on reading and I want to make it count therefore, I am asking for a tiny bit of help in finding some good summer reads.

With that being said, I'll go ahead and let you know what kind of books I enjoy reading. Last summer I devoured every book within the Sookie Stackhouse series (Yes, "True Blood" is based off a book series and what do you know?! They're SO much better than the show. Less pornographic and the characters are much more intriguing.) Prior to that I was a Janet Evanovich fiend and I've read almost every one of her books (PS--I STILL don't believe Katherine Heigle will be able to pull off a decent Stephanie Plum. Just don't see it, but she might prove me wrong.) Enjoyed some of Jodi Piccoults, but those can be a bit heavy from time to time.

I'm looking for something quirky, non-girly, and definitely different. I love humor and bits of comedy. I cannot stand this book I'm suffering through now, Something Borrowed, by Emily Griffin. I can't seem to understand how it's going to end well...the lead character is vain, completely self-obsessed with being wanted for her beauty and amazing bedroom skills and somehow manipulates people into wanting to be her best friend/boyfriend/lover/fiancee/what have you.

Are you gagging now?

Yeah, me, too. Anyway, I'd much prefer a read closer to, Gone With the Wind or The Ya-Ya Sisterhood or even a fantasy novel--Yes, I read the Twilight series and way before the big craze, might I add. I tried to sell the novel to friends before it was on the map and no one believed me it was actually that good. So was The Host.

It sounds picky and my tastes are varied, but I know there have to be other novels with more substance to them than True Confessions of a Shop-a-holic type reads.

I'm begging, please save me from picking up another one of these gosh-awful books and point me in the direction of an author worth their salt. It would be much appreciated from this avid bookworm!

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