Wednesday, March 24, 2010


When you're getting ready for your day, what do you absolutely have to have to make it through in one piece?

I was thinking of that I packed my life away for another day in the, uh, in the studios. 99.9% of my time spent on campus is confined to the dance building because, duh, I'm a dance graduate major. But yesterday I had a taste of normalcy I have not known since I was a theater major. Yes, that's right--I was a theater kid for a nano second before I re-auditioned and switched to Dance Management. That's a story for another time.

Anyway, I didn't have to be at school until 12:30. I got to wear JEANS (Hey, big deal since I live in sweats. Wearing em right now. Hot stuff? More like hot mess). I got to wear this super cute turquoise sweater I just bought with all my nice matching jewelry. I did my hair, even had time to do up my makeup. The best part of it all: only had to carry one bag for the entire day. ONE BAG!

I know, the excitement just overwhelms--I can feel it through the screen! One bag is all I needed to carry my life with me. It was incredibly refreshing just not have to plan out at least two meals, pack two changes of clothes, my makeup, hair stuff, every book I bought for the semester (because yes, we do actually use them all in class), and didn't even have to pack Pomme, my laptop. Get it? "Pomme" in French is "apple" and I own a apple! Eh, I thought it was cute.

Back to the point of this afternoon rant, what is it that people need to get through the day? You would think just the basic essentials (keys, license, money, phone) would be enough, but let me tell you, my friend. It ain't. So for fun I started a list--how I love my lists--of what I bring to school to make it through the day:

Essentials (Keys, license, money, phone)
Purple To-Do List (Oh, I'd be lost without that and my Calendar)
Books for day's classes
Voice binder (depending on the day)
Ballet duds (tights, leo, warmies)
Hair Junk & Make-up bag
Extra dance clothes (because I sweat like a beast and am NOT afraid to admit that)
Phone charger (because the battery starts to run low after being here for ten hours)
Lunch & Dinner (Oh yes, I've had to pack breakfast occasionally, too)

Are you begging to see my dilemma? I look like a pack mule each and every day I enter the building. Can't really help it either because I use it all throughout the day. Best was when I had to bring props for Choreography class. In I walk with two fun-oodles (the swimming toys), a hula-hoop, stuffed animals and a couple other things. It wouldn't have surprised me if I had some change thrown at me by a passerby.

That's just how it is right now for me--or maybe it's always been like that and I'm only now recognizing the annoyances. Who knows. Who cares really. Oh boy, maybe tomorrows post will be a bit more exciting than the contents of my school bag.

Good grief.

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