Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Dream

There's the kind of breeze blowing where the smell of fresh cut grass blows in strong and fades away, leaving a lingering hint of its presence behind. My body rocks softly back and forth while stretched out on my rope hammock. Listening to the hypnotic sounds of the chains rhythmic sway, I'm lulled to a peaceful place in my mind.

I gently close my eyes again and inhale deeply. This time I smell the hyacinths blooming next to our gunmetal gray chain link fence. Such a sweet strong fragrance comes from their delicate pink petals, it's a sure sign of the spring season. Leaving my eyes shut, I listen to all that's going around this hideaway, this secluded place, this haven on such a lazy afternoon.

Leaves from above are rustling in the wind. Somewhere cars are rolling along, propelled by the drivers inside. Think they even know what kind of a day they're missing? What kind of bliss is being passed by? Leftover leaves are dancing along the back porch while Piper pads along, watching intently for the next squirrel to scurry by. I imagine her soft blond fur blowing from the easy breeze, her black nose twitches with the new scents she catches. I can almost see her big brown eyes wide with anticipation, hoping she'll finally catch the Buddy Squirrel that taunts every afternoon. Birds busily tweet as they build their nests, the ones to hold precious eggs before they hatch.

I slowly open my eyes, blinking back the beams that streak through the bright emerald leaves of the trees. Stretching my legs long, I point my toes to the tree trunk that's helping to hold my body mid air. I reach towards the sky as if trying to pull the budding branches closer to me before I collapse in my relaxed state once again. Heaving a sigh, I swing one leg over the side of hammock and push off the soft green carpet below. The swing cradles my limp body, moving back and forth in a steady beat. Back and forth. Back and forth.

A shiver ripples over my shoulders with the next breeze; the bite of winter has its last word as spring makes its grand entrance. Pulling my limbs in close, I curl up to continue swaying until my drowsy self falls back into my deepest dreams, the ones I return to day after day; they're too sweet to leave. I dream of coffee mornings with my Grandmother. I dream of ice tea afternoons with my mother. I dream of dancing in my aunt's shop and road trips across Texas highways. I dream of lazy afternoons with my beau and nights around the kitchen table with my family. I dream of walks with my golden pup and the future orange feline I already love. I dream of card games and laughing fits with close friends. I dream of the perfect chocolate chip cookie, warm out of the oven. I dream of more afternoons like this. Quiet, calm, and relaxing.

I dream.

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