Friday, March 5, 2010

Puppy Sister

One week from today I will be reunited with the light in my life, that sweet precious creature, Piper. Oh goodness, I cannot wait to see that golden fuzz butt! I can see her now, wiggling violently in the back of Mom and Dad's car as they pull up in my drive.

Of course, I'm talking about none other than my puppy sister, not my actual sister. Sarah will probably be working hard, enforcing rules in a courtroom. Big Sister was always enforcing rules, especially when we were little and played board games together. I could never get a break even when I gave her The Look! She apparently is the only one immune to my quivering lower lip. Dang.

Anyway, Piper is coming and I cannot wait! If anyone knows me well enough, they know I harbor a deep love for my dog like no other. I will happily argue she is the cutest pup ever to grace this green earth. Case in point:

Told ya. I call her my puppy sister because, well. I just am. She loves to steal my "toys" or shoes rather and at night, she has her side of the bed and I have mine. Although sometimes she tends to get a little mixed as to which side is hers and which is mine:

And that's cute, too...until she gets excited and wedges her bony elbow into your side. Good morning! We read together, too. Oh yes.

Although be warned, when it's time to play with the puppy, she will most certainly let you know! This dog is as big a mess head as I am--you saw the pictures of the peanut butter jar, right? Beat you didn't know she liked her ice cream, too:

(Just so you know that was an empty carton that she was lucky enough to lick clean.) The girl loves her some food. One time I came home from school just to visit family and as I chatted with a friend in the kitchen Piper came trotting her happy tail over to us.

"Well, hey there, Piper! What the heck have you got in your mouth?"

Kid you not, the dog had a chocolate chip cookie in there! I reached down to pull it from her and she staggered backwards, turning her head slightly to the side as if to say, "You can't have this!"

"Piper, what have you got?" Again, she backs her happy butt back and gives me those innocent eyes, "I don't know what you're talking about."

Smart dog, she's learned from the best when it comes to giving those innocent eyes. Think I taught her a little too well. Anyway, finally got that crumbly, stale cookie out of her mouth and asked Mom where on earth she would have gotten one (There sure as heck weren't cookies when I got in!). Apparently Piper had stolen that one from a batch Mom had made about a week prior. A WEEK! One solid week she had been hanging on to that cookie! That dog must have a stash of food somewhere in the house that we don't know about. That's pretty surprising since she's always on top things faster than a duck on a june bug. If it drops, better watch cause she will bowl you over trying to grab whatever you dropped.

She has her place by the sink when people are cooking. Leaning up against the bottom cabinets, she will plop down on the floor, throw her face straight up at you and stare while you chop away, mix, whatever. She just prays for gravity to grant her some delicious morsel from above. I'll give her this, she's pretty quick. I've heard several stories of her eating whole batches of cookies, breads, even got a hold of a ham last week. Also loves broccoli. Yup. That's my dog.

I make her out to sound like a little piglet, which she is--you should see her eat popcorn sometime--but she's capable of so many other things. She's a great runner. Beautiful. Unless you're the one watching her run out the back yard. Then it starts looking like a pretty ugly situation. All she's really doing is playing tag...or her version of it. Piper runs away, we chase her and she keeps running until we give up. Then she prances back home, happy as can be to once again be back with her people. She's a nut.

But she's my nut and I love her all the more because of that.

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  1. Piper is so much like my Nikki. :) Nikki will lay down by the counter while you are preparing a meal and hope that gravity works out in her favor. And she will also follow you around if you have popcorn until you "discreetly" drop a few pieces for her to snack on. And if you let her, she will lick your plate clean after you've finished dinner. And she will plop her happy backside down on in front of the sink to lick clean the pan as well. ;) I think our Pups would get along wonderfully.
    P.S. I get to see you really soon! Yippee!! I'll be in OKC Thursday this week!!


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