Monday, March 29, 2010

Ode to Sweet Tea

On any given bright spring day, such as this lovely one, I would throw on my shades, hop in my car, crank up the tunes, and travel down to my favorite little spot, Chik-fil-a. *SIGH*

OK, so it's not exactly a quiet little place or a hole in the wall restaurant that no one knows about, but it's my place. Thinking on why I love it so much--I have no idea. That's not true, there are plenty of reasons why I love the Chik including, of course, their delicious food *drool*, but it's their tea! Oh my gosh, I get revved up and ready to go on the stuff. Except too much speeds up my speech and thought process a little too much...Things get a little crazy, ask the family.

I guess the obsession hit around high school when I started traveling back and forth between Garland and Allen for dance--that's a 30 to 45 drive depending on traffic. One way. Drive that twice a day, six days a week for three years (i.e. I never lived at home. Hmmm, much like my time at school now.). There was a Chik-fil-a down the road from the studio and one built on the way home in Garland. Then some genius built one less than 15 min from house. Add the convenience of three available spots with my love for chicken and sweet tea, really, then it's no surprise that I've loved Chik-fil-a for long.

Speaking of their sweet tea, I had to take a speech class for my gen ed requirements in under grad. I decided to take as many courses as I could at a community college 1) it was a heck of lot cheaper 2) I could live at home RENT free 3) it was the summer of Sarah's wedding.

Anyway, to make getting through some of these speeches a little less painful, I tried to find subjects I liked. What a concept. So we had to give a sales pitch on something we truly believed in, something we thought the public desperately needed in their lives. Well, I don't know about you, but I desperately need sweet tea in my life--let's be honest here, it's a necessity almost as important as peanut butter (Still have a jar that's 3/4 full for two weeks now. Progress, folks. Progress.).

For your enjoyment (and to see just how persuasive I can be) I'm including my sales pitch for Chik-fil-a's Sweet Tea. Keep in mind it was for a class--oh and yes, I did bring in tea and glasses from Chik for the class to try. Oh, I'm that good. Be sure to let me know if it made crave the beverage or actually get up to go grab a glass.

A Sweet Sales Pitch

Imagine yourself lying out by the pool or sitting on your back porch swing in the middle of a summer’s day with that hot Texas sun beating down on you. It’s one of those times when you wish you had something seasonal and refreshing to drink. Most people would go for that same ol’ can of soda or they head to the neighbor’s lemonade stand where they choke down some sour concoction a five year old made. Why put yourself, and your mouth, through that mess? Soda’s leave you feeling bubbly and fizzy and usually craving something else. Lemonade will leave you with ulcers from too much citrus intensity. Water hydrates, but where’s the flavor your taste buds are screaming for? For me, I crave the refreshing taste of something timeless and different that carries a sweet flavor only found in one delicious beverage. Wouldn’t you like to quench your thirst with this decedent treat, too? Let’s take a closer look at why you should go for something different rather than for the usual drinks people go for.

Summer time is a time to enjoy oneself, not stress over little things like finding a refueling liquid. Sodas are filled with way too much sugar. Bottom line is that most carbonated drinks that people get are chock-full of extra calories and way too many sweeteners. According to Environmental Nutrition, carbonated sodas are more likely to encourage the development of different kinds of cancers. Who wants to worry about that on summer break? Some people need another source of caffeine. We all need a pick-me-up now and again, but sometimes hot coffee isn’t the beverage of choice in 98ยบ weather. Lemonade has absolutely no caffeine in it which is great for your bratty 6 year old cousin, but not so great when you are the one trying to stay energized.

Most of the time you’re one the go so a drink needs to be readily available. In order to carry on in the world today it’s almost essential to get things on the go. It has to be a drink that you can get in the mall or on the road. It also needs to be something conveniently sized that you can pick up fast without waiting for some pointless no-fat-foam-whipped thing. Needs to be something that you can get large quantities of to share with friends and family or convenient individual serving. So what is this great drink that quenches your thirst, boosts your energy and still has great taste? The solution is simple: Chick-fil-a Tea!

Chick-fil-a provides this summertime treat of exquisite tasting tea. That timeless, different flavor I’ve been chattering about? You can get it at Chick-fil-a. Their tea is by far the best! Its taste is strong and clear—you are always guaranteed to get a great cup each and every time you go. Tea seems to be a popular drink nowadays and more and more people agree. According to the Vegetarian Times sales for tea in the US are on the rise. Not only is it cool and refreshing, its distinguished taste is brewed fresh every day, according to their website! This drink tends to last longer is Chick-fil-a’s stylish Styrofoam cup that works like an insulator. You can order their tea sweetened or not, depending on your own personal preference. If unsweetened you can add Splenda or Sweet & Lo for a sweet taste, but less calories. Chick-fil-a also provides freshly squeezed lemon to add more flavor to your tea. They’ll also be happy to make you that trendy “Arnold Palmer” which is tea mixed with lemonade.

Chick-fil-a’s tea is a great substitute for any carbonated drink. Their unsweetened tea contains zero sugars while a leading soft drink can contain 50 or more grams. It also is a great substitute for caffeine. It gives you a little bit of a boost without adding in a bunch of unnecessary calories, but not overly caffeinated like those energy drinks. Tea is also better for you, especially green tea, but summer is the best time for cool drinks like ice tea. Chick-fil-a captures that Southern flare with their sweet tea. Nothing goes better with their fried chicken sandwich and lemon pie than a traditional glass of ice tea. What do people always drink when they are having lazy afternoons in the south? Those summer days are spent lazily drinking that amber colored heavenly liquid, iced tea!! Which you can enjoy in an air-conditioned restaurant or your hammock in the backyard (It’s easy to get it to go!.) Chick-fil-a tea has so many wonderful qualities and could add so much to your summer vacation.

Imagine relaxing in your home, backyard, pool-side or even in your speech class with a cool glass within reach. It’s a satisfying feeling, that liquid flowing down your gullet as you take another swallow of tea. Not just any tea either; Chick-fil-a tea! Perhaps it’s that fact that when you order from the friendly cashier they, too, know the full extent of the tea’s great taste. Maybe it’s in the way the ice cubes instantly melts as the fresh brewed tea hits the glass that makes you feel instantly cooled. Now that you know the best tea out there, let’s see where you can get it.

There’s no place like Chick-fil-a, but fortunately you can find many in the Dallas Metroplex. Hop in your car and hit the many off 75! There are eleven in Plano alone and eight in Dallas. You can’t miss them with their bright red Chicken for a “C.” Don’t forget about the cows, either—those spotted creatures will “moo-ve” you in the right direction.Once you have your location set, just go in and grab a glass! Fix up your drink any way you like it! Sweet, unsweet, lemon or lemonade—make it just the way you like it! Now just sit back, relax and enjoy the crisp taste of Chick-fil-a’s infamous tea.

Texas Monthly points out that June is National Ice Tea Month—join the rest of the nation early and grab a glass! When you’re thirsty and can’t think of something original to get, go for the one and only original Chick-fil-a tea. Boosts your energy, doesn’t overwhelm you with calories, flavors your day with a southern touch and it puts right in that summer mood. For an inexpensive thrill, you can bring a little bit of summer into your day.


  1. You succeeded! I now want to go get a large iced tea on my way to teach tonight! :) I think I was already wanting a glass even before I got to your sales pitch. ;)

  2. PS: I figure my s/n is obvious as to who it is, but just in case, it is I, Casey, who is posting comments under my gmail name. :) hee hee
    PPS: I miss you friend and I hope to see you over the summer!


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