Monday, March 1, 2010

Living Alone

Sitting in my apartment last night I got to thinking. It's a darn good thing I live alone at this point in time of my life. For one thing, school takes up so much time that if anyone were to be in the same space as me, I would revert back to a Procrastination Princess. I mean, seriously, I know when I go home or have people for the weekend I don't want to work--would you? Boyfriend visited this weekend and thank goodness he was so sweet as to tear himself away to the Big Bass and Pro store for a couple of hours so that I could work. He's selfless that way, what a sweetie!

No, really though, had he not physically left I would have just ignored my project all weekend long. That's horrible! I would have been in SO MUCH trouble showing up to class with nothing, nada, zip! So sitting there contemplating in the silence of my home, I began to discover several advantages and disadvantages to living along:


1) The ability to leave your shoes ANYWHERE you want! Mother jokes about me leaving "Julie Piles" around the house and I cannot tell you how many times I was in trouble for leaving shoes lying about. No more! In my house I can leave them wherever I want and yes, I trip over them I see why Mom never let me do that. Dang. She was right again.

2) Everything has it's place--according to me. I'm in control of where things are kept be it for the kitchen, my clothing organization, desk junk, whathaveyou. I often forget what my thought process was during my organizing spell and therefore forget where things are BUT it's where I put them! Hence why I have a new label maker.

3) Decoration--I got to pick out everything for decoration that I wanted in my apartment. I got the chance to create my home and I love it. I love being in my home and there isn't a thing I can complain about (with the exception of one noisy neighbor, but I'm so over'd that dude it's not even funny).

4) I can have a crazy dance party in my underwear if I want to--not that I do that too often but at least I have the option. Instead I just choreography like crazy in my living room and dining room. Neighbors must loooove that...

5) Meals are whatever I want, whenever, wherever, and on a Friday night, I have the option to watch whatever movie floats my boat.

There are so many reasons to love living alone--one of the more important ones being able to have a quiet, peaceful me moment. That can be anything from sitting in silence, enjoying the still after a hectic day, or even having a good laugh (sometimes cry) by yourself. Everyone needs that bit of "me time." In that same respect though, too many "Me Moments" aren't real fun. However, I'm putting my problem solving skills to good use and learning how to handle those not so fun moments:


1) No one to come home to--not even a fuzzy creature, but that's because I picked a beautiful place to live with a no pet policy. *SIGH*

SOLUTION: I have plants to take care of (some are still alive...)and a stuffed animal to hold. Problem (somewhat) solved.

2) No one to cook for--trust me, eating a dozen cookies on your own is not a wise decision. Sure, it sounds like the best choice you ever made in the moment and that gooey goodness is heavenly going down. Then you get hit with a heck of a stomach ache, not to mention it ain't fun to put on tights and a leo the next day.

SOLUTION: Friday/Saturday night dinners with the girls--I have Cas and Leigh Anne over for some big meal and we enjoy food, wine, dessert, wine, stories, wine...Great fun! I also send pics to my family of whatever I made--nerdy, but I can't exactly serve them a plate when we're states apart. Problem (deliciously) solved

3) No one with whom I can share (Tad bit formal, but you try not ending that sentence without a preposition! It's hard, huh?). Seriously, this is one of the hardest ones to fix. When I make a discovery, whether its a dance move or a good joke, an article, something bizarre I found I could do, whatever, I want to share with people.

SOLUTION: Web cam--my gosh, I just discovered a while back that I could video myself doing random things to show people (mainly Mom because, well, she birthed me and she knows what a goober I can be. I don't think everyone is quite ready to experience that just yet though...). YES, problem (technically) solved!

Last night I was working on choreography (I swear it was actual work!) and I was using a hula hoop for a prop. To know that at the age of 22 I can still hula hoop like a champ, whoa. That's a big deal and I had to show Mom. So I facebooked her a video of my hula hooping then using arms then moving around while hula hooping and then I ran into a wall. Totally in Julie fashion, too. As stupid as it sounds, it was nice to send her a video of me being me in my house doing what I do best, being a goober.

*I would post the video except it was through facebook and I can't seem to retrieve the link--I swear I tried. *

Really there is no disadvantage to living by oneself--sure, there may be some hiccups but as you can clearly see, there are ways around it. Including filming your self flailing about while hula hooping. Mom, you must be so proud.

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