Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's the Simple Things

In honor of tech week and opening of the show, I felt I needed some extra reminders for positivity. A sampling of some of the simple things in life that add a bit of happiness to my day:

1) Hitting green lights all the way on any given destination.

2) The first two minutes I chew a piece of gum when the flavor is so strong and delicious.

3) When my crazy, fuzzy hair turns out pretty in the morning.

4) Getting a really good glass of sweet tea.

5) Getting text messages or cards in the mail!

6) Writing with some sort of gel pen in a blue or purple ink--so much fun to doodle with.

7) My favorite song playing on the radio--especially on a solo drive when I can sing as loud as I want.

8) Reading a feel good book and knowing there's another in the series I can get my hands on after I finish the first.

9) Putting on a piece of clothing or pulling up a blanket that has the lingering scent of a loved one.

10) Speaking of scent, wearing my favorite kind of perfume. Love splashing on the one I love the best before I head out the door. I think it's fun when people compliment me because I smell good--weird, but it makes my day.

11) Giving myself a perfect pedicure with the perfect polish color for my tootsies and not have made one smudge or mistake.

12) Diving into a pile of fresh laundry that's warm and sweet smelling. Seriously, dump the basket on the bed and bury your face in it--will make your day.

13) Laughing. Love to laugh loudly and freely without anyone trying to "shh" me. Giggle fits, too, where you're laughing for who-knows-what reason and you can't stop.

14) Actually hitting my estimated spending amount at the grocery store--even better, being under what I thought I would spend.

15) Waking up rested and completely happy simply because I slept well. I would like for my dance nightmares to stop, please.

16) Living in a really good day dream.

17) Using every kind of goofy catch phrase I can think of like "Geez louise," "for Pete's sake," "good grief" and "dag nab it!" People look at you funny and it' so much easier to blurt those out than something inappropriate.

18) Moving, whether its stretching when I wake up, starting barre, wiggling out of excitement or dancing in the grocery line.

19) Planning. Can be for meals, study break downs, vacations, life, future, whatever. It involves list making, my purple paper, my calendar and pretty pens. Ooh reminds me I need new stationary! Yippee!!

20) Singing to people in the morning who aren't morning people. Drives 'em nuts and I love it!

One of highlights of today, my Big Sister's description of me:

"Doesn't he know you're 15% pb, 35% caffiene & 50% Cajun? :) It's the perfect storm of caffiene & genetics!"

Dear, Sister, I love you much. And I love Chick-fil-a. End of day's post.

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