Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Food, It's What's For Dinner

I enjoy looking up recipes online oh so very much. Beginning my sophomore year when I moved into my first apartment, affectionately named the Beta Babes Apartment (a whole flock of Gamma Phi Beta's lived there, including myself, for two years). We had a stove. Glory be, we had an oven, too! Oh the possibilities!

Well, the possibilities sometimes worked out, sometimes not. I spent several years kinda testing out new things, definitely going to tried and true recipes my Mom passed down, but it wasn't until I found my perfect place that I really actually got my hands, and kitchen, messy.

Going off a friends recommendation, I have fallen in love with The Pioneer Woman. Oh, it's wonderful! Ree Drummond is her name and she has fabulous recipes and stories. Oh, I just love it! And I love to say "Oh" way too much. Oh well.

Anyway, she posts a myriad of things including photography tips, gardening, and homeschooling, none of which apply to me just yet, but I'll get to them. She does have a separate blog for other individuals to join and post their recipes. Goodness gracious, there are some good ones on her Tasty Kitchen blog!

I personally tend to gravitate towards the dessert lines of recipes--what can I say? I've got a serious sweet tooth. They're also my favorite types of things to bake. Who doesn't love a really good cookie now and again? I mean, I would love one now. Please.

While I'm drooling and salivating looking at some of these delicious items, I'm reminded all the more that weigh-in's are tomorrow. Good grief--I must be masochistic, right? Torturing myself by flipping through pages and pages of heavenly fried things, warm gooey images of cookies, and sinful pictures of cupcakes. For Pete's sake...

Weigh-in's are not that bad. Truly, it's something to be aware of because my body is my instrument. Like a car, if not fueled right and taken care of, it won't go too far, then I won't get a job and then I'll just be broke. Ain't a pretty picture. I don't mind talking about weigh-in's or discussing them with people. I've had my battles, I've worked through those things--food should not be feared, nor should the scale. Just be smart, eat your veggies and jump around once in a while, you're good to go! OK, so maybe there's a bit more to it than that, but it's manageable.

However, I beg of you non-dancers, do not ask a dancer about weigh-in's or weight or anything to do with a scale while she (or he) is eating a meal. It makes a person feel like a zoo animal on display. Ooh, watch the dancer eat! (Seriously, I think dancers actually eat way more than people think--they can put it away, people!) Once that question comes up I don't even want to look at the plate in front of me. Not really fair when a person eats their rabbit food all week long so they can enjoy that juicy, greasy burger in front of them and WHAM! The joy is sucked out, the guilt is set in, and you might end up with a human flinging themselves at you from over the table. No, not really--that's just the mental image I saw right then.

On THAT note. I will continue my recipe surfing for the day, trying my darnedest to avoid the dessert area (which coincidentally spelled "STRESSED" backwards. Stress and dessert.It just goes hand in hand, doesn't it?). I will wear a brave face and not concentrate too much on that number on a scale--It's just a number. And then I'll celebrate with a delicious Chick-fil-a Salad for dinner--I might crazy and make it a FRIED chicken salad. Ooooh.

I know, nerd to the core and devout Chik-fil-a fan. Next time I try my hand at a new recipe, I'll tell you how ends. Happy National Peanut Butter Lover's Day!

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