Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spring Fever

It's January 21st and I'm already experiencing the pangs of Spring Fever creeping into my every thought. My goodness, when will it get warm so I can wear skirts, pick up a good read and sit by the lake enjoying the sunshine of the day? I crave the outdoor spring air where you can feel the warmth on your skin and the crisp air whip around you hinting that summer months won't be far behind.

Know what else spring means? Fresh fruit salads and big glasses of ice tea. Beautiful flowers in bloom and the anxious anticipation of change coming. Perhaps that's why I love Fall and Spring so much, they signify the winds of change, the prospect of something new. Nothing gets me more excited than waiting for what's to come. Think about what usually happens around those times of change. For me, Spring usually means end of school, spring recitals, auditions, summer vacation to dream about, my birthday, summer school (for the last four summers of my life...ah to be a nerd.)and summer performance jobs.

Simply put, I cannot wait and therefore am as antsy as a child.

Speaking of children, I got to attend a very interesting and wonderful workshop this weekend through my department. We hosted the ladies of Leap 'N Learn. Holy Hannah, these women are brilliant, I tell you! Brilliant! Their curriculum is built around teaching ages 3-7, but all of their instruction and lessons are applicable to your home life if you have little ones and even can be adjusted to older children as well.

It's a mother/daughter team who created this wonderful program and it is thriving. For anyone who, like myself, is a tad bit nervous when it comes to teaching little bits, then this is something you should look into. I wish so much I could attend their summer workshop in July just to learn a more on how to properly conduct a class, educate, stimulate their young minds while being creative. They even discuss great ways of discipline and business management because running a studio is a business. If you have a chance, check them out here. Well worth your time.

Now off to go day dream of "running through fields of daises," as my best bud Esther would put it. Hope Spring Fever isn't too contagious...

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