Monday, January 11, 2010

Hi-ho, hi-ho! It's Off to School I Go!

That's right folks, spring semester has officially started and at 8:00 am this morning, I hit the ground running. I'm ready though. I least that's what I will convince myself before too long. Coming back to school was quite a bit harder this time which is odd because most of the time I've come back to something exciting waiting for me. Those excitements have varied from year to year and take on different forms, but not since leaving for college at the tender age of 18 have I been so unwilling to make the three hour drive back.

Fortunately for me, I have a support system like no other backing me in this last year I'm attempting to tackle. I tend to think of this next year as being the half-way point of a marathon. Working and pacing yourself the first half, the end seems to loom up ahead and everything feels tired--your head, your body, your heart and determination. The only problem with this is that you're already half-way done, there's no turning back and the only decision you can make is to suck it up and continue running. Now, how you handle that last leg is up to you. Are you going to just through it or are you going to make it count?

I'm going to make it count.

How exactly? Well, it starts with the packaging. I've got all my the notebooks, pads of purple legal paper, pens, folders, dividers, sticky notes and what-have-you to properly organize this next year. *SIGH* I feel better already (Thanks, Mom!). Cleaning seems to help, too. Well, I say cleaning when really I just enjoy chucking old junk I never use anymore. Something about throwing crud away cleanses my own life. Go figure.

Side note: I went hunting for the first time over new year's. Quite an experience and although I was clad from head to toe in camo (Never in all my days have I thought I'd ever see the day...), I enjoyed the experience very much. Looking forward to doing it again. Check one adventure off for the month!

Happy Back to School to anyone who's starting again! Me, I'm going to go twist my body into a pretzel at the barre and pray I can actually move tom morrow morning (Why? Why did I take three weeks off?!). Good grief.

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  1. This sounds like you are ready for a great year at school.

    Best of luck.


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