Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Easy Target

I'm that girl that's an easy target to pick on. It's true. Ruffling my feathers is a past time favorite for many of my friends and it never takes much to get me riled up. Have no fear for I know all this to be true and carry a good attitude about it all. I even enjoy joining in the fun because, well, sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself.

Today, I had a professor pull one on me and I have to say, props to my professor!

Yesterday my MFA ladies and I had to email our professor with a research topic for approval in our 8:00 am American Dance History. In my busy rush of the first day of school I didn't get to email my choice until about 10:30 am to which I then learned my top choice had been taken. Staring at my computer in utter and complete shock, I about had a heart attack--OK, maybe not a heart attack, mild panic attack perhaps (There are a ton of things due and I was going for one I enjoyed and knew enough about.)

The prize topic, the one I felt my little heart go pitty-pat over was gone. Fortunately, my next choice on the list was a go. To simplify the topic, I must compare and contrast several infamous dancing couples including my favorite duo. Forever and ever my heart will be true to my favorite partners, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

I later recounted the story to my fellow MFA ladies, joked and laughed about my threats for them to sleep with one eye open--no worries, I would never harm a hair on their head over anything, especially a research topic. I just enjoy the facial expression and giggles that follow after such comments. We all do it out of love.

Anyway, I do believe my professor got a kick out our retelling of the story this afternoon in my Research and Writing for Dance class because, what do you know it?! We have another research paper to write and this time we get to pick whatever musical or dance concert we want. If you think I was going to let my perfect, fabulous, deeply desired proposal be taken, you are seriously mistaken, my friend. I must have scared the three new MFA's--"Newbies" as I will hence forth refer to them as--that started today. I whipped out my laptop as soon as class ended to email him my proposal as quickly as possible. Yes, I'm a nerd to the core. I had to get this topic. Last time I lost out, but by golly there was no way I'd lose again.

As I'm walking out the door, on to my next class, my professor pops their head out of the classroom and says "Julie! Check your email." HOT DOG! I think I've got it. Downstairs I rush with my two partners in crime behind me. Fast as I can, I run my fingers over my keyboard, anxiously trying to access the account that will hold the precious email I am waiting to open. I click open the note to find the response:

"No. It's already been taken."

"WHAT?!" (I tend to use the flair of dramatics occasionally. Makes life more interesting.) I tear up the staircase leaving my friends in disbelief. Pushing through the staircase entrance, I break through the door leading to a hallway of offices, slowing myself to a "quick" pace before popping into his door frame. "Please, please, please tell me you're kidding." (Is that a smile? I can't tell but good grief I hope you're kidding, Professor!) "Of course I'm kidding." Turning to their computer, they make the note and I detect a hint of a smile. Sweet goodness, I hope they enjoyed that. Now I'm sweating worse than a polar bear in the summertime. Winded even from my nice little sprint upstairs.

WHEW! And as I trudged back down to the bottom level of the dance building, clutching my heart to my chest, I had to laugh. How could I possibly not see that my professor wouldn't try something like a little joke? It was too easy. It must be hilarious to watch dance department students sweat and fret over all sorts of assignments and how tempting it must be for people to try and trick us now and again. Wish I could say that I haven't ever been tempted, but oh boy, I sure have done it a time or two to fellow students. So kudos to you, Professor. You got me good today. I hope you got to see me flail up the stairs like a blue-ribbon idiot today. If not, I'm sure Cassie and Leigh Anne will gladly reenact it for you.


  1. Julie! I admire your gusto and I hope you're having a wonderful semester! :)

  2. Thank you, Caroline! I enjoy reading your blog so much! Happy Spring Semester!


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