Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Tech Time!

We've survived Christmas Show Blocking weekend and are now immersed in tech week. Surprisingly, this has been the smoothest of all runs I've yet to see at OCU. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop while silently praying it never does.

I've got quite a bit on my plate but I'm working hard to get everything done. If it wasn't for the little things I don't think I'd enjoy this week so much. Yes, there are long hours and yes, it can be frustrating waiting around for hours just to tech one two minute number. Fortunately when you are surrounded by artists, everyone tends to get a little creative.

Case in point: There is a dance in the Christmas show called "Santa's Coming in a Pick-up Truck," and yes, a miniature Santa comes rolling out in a little truck at the end to wish everyone a booming "Ho, ho, ho" chortle. Well, somehow there are squirrels in the dance parked on a box of nuts singing and dancing right along with the rest of cowboys and cowgirls (It's the Christmas show at OCU, anything is possible!). Now in this box is a someone who manipulates these squirrel hand puppets and last night we had an extra little show while waiting for lighting cues to be set.

As I'm sitting there writing out one of my final papers for class, I look up to see Sammy the squirrel and his friend gnawing away at the foam nuts on the box, then they proceeded to break out in a little hand puppet dance and move on to have a conversation with one another. Hilarious, my friends, but then again I'm a sucker for anything similar to a Muppets skit. Who knows if the puppeteer actually expected anyone to watch. In any case, I could not help but burst out in my obnoxiously loud laughter thus catching the attention of the entire theater who then began watching the same improvised show I did. It was great, even Sammy and friends took a little bow for us all. Standing ovation from the dance department!

Another great part of being in the theater? The millions of giant character costumes walking around. I thoroughly enjoy watching a giant teddy bear bust out in Beyonce's "Single Ladies" dance. Have you ever? Only in the arts. What about seeing a giant frosty tump over in the middle of a performance on stage? You have to admit its pretty funny observing a huge snowball roll around helplessly on stage, unable to pick themselves up and then watch him be dragged off stage...hee hee...Remind me to tell you about the flashlight Baby Jesus. Another blog perhaps, have to save some stories for later.

So yes, there are some tedious moments when bringing in a show but there's never a dull moment, that's for darn sure! Happy holidays to one and all!

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