Thursday, October 1, 2009

If only...

There were more hours in the day, what I could accomplish! Alas, I truly believe that even with additional hours I would never finish what all I set out for myself to accomplish, including updating my forgotten blog.

It was always my intention to take at least one day a week to update this little page with information about dance, my own ideas, opinions, historical information and what have you. Unfortunately I have fallen into the same pattern I always do, creating grand plans and never being able to execute them all. Time management people!

I'm still perfecting the art that is "time management" and I'm always amazed at what I've accomplished and what is left on the list that looms largely on my purple pad of paper. Have no fear, I've returned and will hopefully be able to update this slice of insight to provide to anyone interested in reading. For now I can go on to tell you a bit about my experience in my first full semester as a graduate MFA student at Oklahoma City University.

Amazing. Simply amazing. It has so far given me everything I could possible want or need in a program that will hopefully send me on my way to teach in the dance community. I have wonderful professors that are giving me the tools to explore my own choreography and teaching style which is not always the easiest thing to do. Sometimes breaking the barriers of your typical style requires a little frustration, a little comedy and much creativity. I'm soaking it all up with an open mind and a positive attitude, a key to being successful in almost any endeavor.

There are two wonderful ladies who are also in their first year of the program with me. Each one comes from a different background and I've been able to learn so much just by observation. I encourage anyone in whatever field you are in to observe and take note of those around you. Successful or not, there is something to be learned by doing a bit of watching--for dance there is more "people watching" if you will, yet even the mental process of choreography and teaching can aid you later in your own experiences.

I'm still teaching at a local studio where my classes have grown some and I find that I'm continuing to fine tune my teaching style and learning how to build a solid curriculum--there is still a long way to go. Nothing brightens my day more than to teach a class, help the students and try to find what will work for each individual. What a constant challenge.

Dance, I believe, is an art form that is unique in and of itself it that every day is different. Everyday brings something new with how your body works and feels--there is almost never a two days in a row where you are completely aligned perfectly or right on the money when turning. Teaching class, taking class, there is always a constant strive to be better, work harder and learn more. Steps are invented every day, combinations are morphed into something more and of course there are various different types of genres within dance. Plus, it is one of the only forms of art that is creating art with your entire body--a continual reshaping of a sculpture that can change again and again.

How lucky I feel to be immersed in something that gives me such pleasure and continues to intrigue me. I can't wait to see where my bliss and passion will take me next.

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