Sunday, October 25, 2009

Burton Ballet

There's something about Tim Burton--his movies always peak my interest and I can't help but appreciate his dark, artistic nature. "Nightmare Before Christmas" is one of my childhood favorites and I loved every Batman movie he made ("Batman Returns" and "Batman Forever"). I'm so excited to see his adaptation of "Alice in Wonderland" in the next year--another quirky story that grabbed hold of my creative interest as a kid. 

One of my favorite stories he created was "Edward Scissorhands." To me there is something so beautiful about the story--and yes, I realize the man has scissors for hands, but it's his innocent nature, the love he has for Kim and how he creates snow for her that gets to me. That and the haunting music by Danny Elfman, who has done many other scores for Burton. 

*Sidenote: Almost all of Tim Burton's movies have snow in them, one of his trademarks. There's always a scarecrow used somewhere along with some sort of Halloween or Christmas scene that he ties into his Gothic themes. Always thought it was neat how incorporated them into this movies. 

The misunderstood character of Edward Scissorhands is yet another way to tell the same old story of the poor outsider falling for the beautiful maiden, battling against the small minded town and eventually offering the greatest sacrifice for the protection of his love. How many ways can you tell the same story? Or rather, what other way can you re-tell THIS story?

How about a ballet? That's right, there's a ballet version! Matthew Bourne's Edward Scissorhands is found in the UK as a recreation of the movie. This magical story couldn't have been better expressed than on the stage with the use of dancers retelling every special scene. Watch some clips to see how creative the Topiary Dance is and the gorgeous Ice Dance will give you chills! Would love to see this ballet in person someday. 

For your Halloween enjoyment, flip through some clips and see for yourself what a neat piece this truly is :) 

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