Thursday, June 25, 2009

Getting to Know...Me

I have been challenged by my friend and sister, Olive My Life!, to write 10 things about myself the share with fellow bloggers. In all honesty I love doing surveys and questionnaires like this, even more so love reading what people write about themselves. You never know what tid-bit will come up so here we go:

1. I love ladybugs. If you know me you will know I have a ton of lady bug paraphernalia all over my apartment. Key chains, push-pins, stuffed animals, cookie jars, vases...tons. What you may not know is why I like them. The truth is: I have no idea. When I was a kid my mom subscribed to this children's magazine called "The Ladybug" (a younger version of "The Cricket") and I would get little ladybug things all my life but it blew up in college. Ladybugs represent many different things: luck, love or even that the spirit of a loved one is near. Pretty cool, huh?
2. I am constantly wearing a watch--I feel naked without one and I absolutely hate not knowing the time which brings me to my third fact...
3. I have issues with time. I like to be early to events and be ready about ten minutes before I leave--I know, crazy to some, but I have an absolute panic attack if I I start pushing to clock.
4. I love to journal--pouring over blank pages with whatever pops into my head is so therapeutic for me. It clears my head, releases tension and frustration and can also help me relive the best moments of my day.
5. Sometimes I wish I were a writer--take people away on adventures through the pages of my story, make them laugh out loud with some creative quip or even wrench their heart in some tragic tale. For now I'll write for my own sake.
6. I've discovered that living alone isn't so bad. For one thing you can have a dance party around the entire apartment without disturbing anyone. Two, you can take over the living room with your homework and no one complains. Three, for the first time in forever I can finally leave my shoes wherever I want to :) Downside is I'm still the lone spider killer and I want a cat to keep me company. Ive even got a name picked out...dang, I'd love a fuzzy creature.
7. Nine times out of ten I will take a dessert over a drink any day. No cocktail can tempt me more than a warm chocolate chip cookie can and no wine could taste as delicious as a sweet piece of cherry pie. Seriously.
8. I love sundresses! Flowing, long dresses that twirl and swirl--they're so pretty! Plus they're great in the summertime when it's so hot and pants cling to you and even shorts ride up.
9. I devour books whenever I get the chance. I try to keep a goal to read a certain number of books during vacation (Ex: 10 for the summer) and I always surpass that. Even got this great series I'm on right now--so good! Ooh, if you want a fun read, check out the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich!
10. I have a dream kitchen that I'm working my way to. This kitchen represents more than a place for meals and a storage of food; it represents me in a way and I know, a kitchen is a little cliche for a woman, however, a kitchen means more to me than the age of Donna Reed.
One where I can make some delicious meal for myself on the special plates the represent me and sit at my table with a good cup of coffee and a crossword puzzle on a Sunday morning. This feeling that envelopes me when I fantasize (yes, fantasize) about my daily life in an ordinary room makes me feel whole and excited. Creating my kitchen is the beginnings of creating my own life, my own style, my own path.
I can make whatever I want with whatever I want whenever. I can paint my kitchen, like my life, with as many colors as I want, through in some fresh flowers and light up my life with the people (and creatures) that I want. In so many ways I can shape my kitchen like I shape my future. I can plan ahead or jump right in to the way I organize and create my kitchen. It all depends on what I want to do.
That last one was a little heavy...anyway! Hope you guys had fun reading this--I challenge you to write ten things about yourself on your blog!!


  1. ok wombie, we are SO meant for each other. #7 AMEN!! #8 I am SO into dresses right now!! and #10 a kitchen is SO much more than a place to make food!!

  2. Oh yay! Thank you--I'm a little slow on the posting but hopefully I'll be better about that soon :)


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