Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Change in the Wind

While this blog has been somewhat of an assortment of thoughts I realized there isn't much to it. I never wanted this to be a personal outlet for myself but rather a way to keep friends informed about my many adventures I'd hoped to have after graduation. Since I'm sticking around Oklahoma here a little bit longer I decided that this little blog either has to go or it needs a change. 

While searching through my fellow blogging buddies (a small group but I'm a dedicated reader nonetheless) I couldn't help but feel slightly jealous in all their posts. Each one reported on a new clothing store or restaurant, basically something of their own interest for the rest of the world. Why couldn't mine be more like that? 

The lightbulb went off: from now on my blogs will be about dance. Whether its a health tips, exercise advice, clips of various pieces, history snippets or updates on upcoming shows, I blog about it. Not only is this right up my alley but it'll help keep me better informed as a performer and a future teacher. I only see this as a positive change and I hope to get connected to many more dance bloggers out there as well. As I leave you now to go finish up my finals review I will leave you with this enlightening youtube video for a good laugh...

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