Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Results Are In...

I'm staying at OCU! That's right, folks, I am staying in the Oklahoma City area for another year and half doing the fast track program for my MFA in Dance. This entire year was dedicated to the grand graduate school process and after much research, essay writing, choreographing, editing, crying, convincing, endless emailing and many phones calls later my choice became very clear: this is the place I need to be.

The adventure starts this May where I'll begin with Dance Studio Management (apparently its in much more detail--honestly I'm not surprised since there was so much detail the first round.), Teaching Tap and Ballet. I'll also be working at Visitor Services again continuing to work as a school ambassador and teaching my last few dance classes. I've got the Rockette audition in LA right after graduation, literally. That's something I would still like to do and if nothing else comes out of it at least I will have been through the experience and know what will come at me the next year.

Also snagged a spot on the hiring list for Royal Caribbean just a couple weeks ago--That's the second time I've ever had an offer per say from them. (Basically I have to wait for them to contact me with an available position but I'm still hired in a sense that I'm on the list. I've got a job without having the job--much like my life this semester, having choices without the choices. Confused yet? Welcome to my daily existence.)

Anyway, point being that if I could get a cruise ship job at 17 and 21 I'm sure to get one at 23. To be completely honest I'm perfectly fine with staying in the OCU bubble. I don't believe I was ready to leave my safety net just yet and in a year and half I'll be ready--maybe my feelings on moving to NY will have changed. Ever since my journey up there last spring I've been scared stiff my soul will be eaten and any and all passion for dancing will be sucked out of me, therefore coming to the conclusion that I could never move there right away. I need to build a thick skin, get some experience and feel a little more steady on my feet before I'd brave the Big Apple on my very own.

This isn't the big change I initially wanted and its certainly not a brand new world, but a continuation of what I've come to love and understand. Each step from here on out is closer to the goal I have of someday teaching in a collegiate level--yup, I'm the next generation of teachers in the Theall/Libersat family line for my mom's side. Never thought I'd ever see the day I'd find a passion and undeniable desire to teach.

To sum is all up, I'm getting my masters :) Hoorah!


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